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Grade 3 Composition About Our School

Here ia an example of how you write a composition about your school.


Our school is called Sunshine Academy. It was started in the year 2000 by two brothers Myles and Trevor. It is near Equity Bank in Mangu Village. Sunshine academy is at Kabare location, Kirinyaga County. The director of our school is Mr Myles. The headteacher is MS Rose and the deputy headteacher is Mr Joel.

Our school is surrounded by a life fence. There are different types of treeS surrounding our school. Our compound is beautiful with beautiful flowers and carvings. Classes are well organized and clean. There is a big field where we go for PE. Outside our classes, there is a ground where we go for assembly. In the assembly ground we raise flag every Monday and Friday.

There are four hundred and fifty pupils. Some are day scholars’ others are boarders. There are Twenty teachers who are very hardworking. Our school has one secretary, one accountant and a matron to take care of pupils in boarding school.

Our school performs well in all areas, academic and sports activities. It is the best performing school in Kabare location. Our school has received several awards for better performance. We are served the best meals for example rice and meat, Chapati and stew and snacks during tea time. Our teachers are also served with us as they keep order.

Every class has a class teacher. Our class teacher is teacher Mercy. She is the best. Pupils record their information in the diaries. Every class has a black board where the teacher writes. Its enjoyable to be in my school. I love my school.

Grade 3 Composition About Our School

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