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Objectives and General Learning Outcomes for PP1 Language Activities

Essence Statement
Language is a medium of communication. At the pre-primary level, children will be involved in activities that enhance the ability to become active listeners
and speakers in diverse situations as well as express their feelings, ideas and opinions clearly and with confidence. In addition, learners will be involved in
reading readiness and writing readiness activities in order to lay a good foundation for formal reading and writing instruction in grade one.

CBC Language Activities General Learning Outcomes

By the end of Early Years Education, the learner should be able to:
a) Develop appropriate listening skills from varied experiences to enrich their ability to communicate.
b) Express own opinions, ideas and feelings creatively freely and confidently in varied situations as they appreciate others.
c) Participate in conversation using appropriate verbal and non-verbal language in their everyday experiences.
d) Articulate letter sounds correctly in preparation for reading.
e) Develop appropriate reading readiness skills in varied learning experiences.
f) Apply appropriate writing readiness skills in varied learning experiences.

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