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Form 1 Term 2 Endterm Exams 2024

  1. CLOZE TEST                                                                                             (10marks)

Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with appropriate word.

An effective vaccine 1…………… Covid-19 is among the best strategies to return to normalcy. Research 2…………….. a vaccine for the coronavirus commenced immediately 3……………. first case was reported in Wuhan, China, late last year. 4………………..two dozen are in clinical trials and 140 others in the early stages of development. 5 ………….. South Africa is the only country conducting clinical trials. A few 6 ……………. African countries have institutes working on earlier stages of a vaccine. The Kenya Medical Research Institute is, fortunately, one of 7……………..

An African developed 8…………….. will ensure its continuous supply and access on the continent. It will also ensure safety and efficacy among the population, who 9………………. to be experiencing comparatively less morbidity and mortality to Covid-19 than others. A 10………………. developed vaccine will ensure the authenticity and quality, increasing uptake.

Form 2 Term 2 End Term Exams 2024


SECTION A: Answer all the questions

  1. Name two early urban centers in Africa.  (2mks)
  2. Give two factors that led to rise of scientific inventions.   (2mks)
  3.  Give two disadvantages of barter trade.  (2mks)
  4. Give two factors that make camel a good pack animal.  (2mks)
  5. Give two dispersal points of Bantu.  (2mks)
  6. Give two functions of warriors in African Traditional Communities.   (2mks)
  7. Give two ways of acquiring citizenship by birth in Kenya .  (2mks)
  8. Give the three symbols of national unity in Kenya.  (3mks)
  9. State two similar factors for the rise of  early agriculture in Egypt and Mesopotamia.  (2mks)
  10. Identify two sources of information of east Africa coast.  (2mks)
  11. Give two functions of Kabaka of Baganda.  (2mks)

Form 3 Term 2 End Term Exams 2024


Answer all questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. Without using a calculator, evaluate 

Giving your answer as mixed fraction                                  (3mks)

2. Two boys and a girl shared some money. The younger boy got 5/8  of it; the elder boy got  7/12 of the remainder and the girl got the rest. Find the percentage share of the younger boy to the girl’s share.                                                                                                                                                 (4mks)

3. Three numbers, 1400,1960 and n have a G.C.Dand L.C.M of 70 and 22 x 52 x 72 x 11 respectively.Find the least possible value of n                                                                       (3mks)

4. A bus starts off from Kitale at 9. a.m and travels towards Kakamega at a speed of 60km/hr. At 9.50 a.m, a matatu leaves Kakamega and travels towards Kitale at a speed of 60Km/h. How far from Kitale will the two vehicles meet?                                                                                        ( 3mks)

5. Find the equation of a straight line which is equidistant from the points A(2,3) and B (6,1) (3mks)

Form 4 Term 2 End Term Exams 2024


1 a) with specific examples, show how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah concerning the Messiah (8mks).

   b) Explain what the magnificant reveals about the nature of God.(6mks)

   c) Explain SIX ways in which Christian youths should show gratitude to God.(6mks)                           

2 a). Describe Zechariah’s vision in the temple   (Luke 1:8-23)   (8mks)

  b) State SIX teachings of Jesus about John the Baptist.(6mks)

 (c)Six reasons why preachers may be disliked by some people in the modern society (6mks)

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