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CBC is learners based thus parents have to dig deeper into their pockets to provide all the learning materials for the siblings to get knowledge thus expensive while 8:4:4 is teachers based since it’s the role to passed knowledge and make sure learners understands.

CBC is skills oriented thus allowing learners to specialised in areas of interest thus promoting inventions and innovations while 8:4:4 is examination oriented because for one to move to next level he or she must sit and pass the stipulated exams.

CBC breaks school monotony as learning years and level are divided into slots thus minimizes drop outs and trauncy while 8:4:4 students takes 8,4 and 4 years in primary, secondary and higher learning institutions respectively creating boredom as similar concepts are learnt.

CBC teachers acts as guides and learning accelerators thus free from workloads and pressure while 8:4:4 they are the core or main character because learners fully depends on their stored knowledge and skills.

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