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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design

Specific learning outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:

a)            Talk about pictures in and out of school.

b)            Demonstrate awareness of print in and out of school. 

c)            Show interest in reading in and out of school.

d)            Enjoy reading pictures in and out of school.

Suggested learning experiences CBC PP1 Sub strand 3.3

Learners could be provided with relevant pictures and encouraged to talk about them.

Learners could answer questions about pictures. 

Learners could be engaged in ‘read aloud’ activities. 

Learners could view pictures depicting a story during a read aloud session.

Learners could be guided to view and talk about recorded picture clips and answer questions about them.

Learners could view picture cut outs depicting stories and be encouraged to answer questions on the story in pairs or in small groups.

 Learners could be provided with pictures that capture their attention and be guided to ask and answer questions about them Learners could bring pictures from home to share with others and be encouraged to ask or answer questions about them

Key inquiry question

  1. What pictures do you enjoy looking at?
  2. What pictures interest learners?

Core-competence developed

Communication and collaboration, Critical thinking , Digital literacy

Link to PCI: Citizenship: Social integration

Life skills: Effective communication

Link to Value: Respect

Link to other Activity Areas:

Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Suggested Community Service Learning

Take learners or a walk to a nearby road and guide them to fix various road signs they have prepared in class.

Suggested Non- Formal Activity to support learning through application

Learners to observe and interpret various road signs put around the playground at school.   

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, observation, portfolio

Teaching/Learning Resources: Picture books, read aloud stories, recorded clips of pictures, video clips, charts, ICT devices

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds Expectation 

Consistently demonstrates awareness, observes pictures with  sustained attention and talks about them correctly and in detail.

Meets expectation

Demonstrates print awareness, observes pictures with attention and talks about them correctly most of the time.

Approaches expectation

Recognizes print and observes and talks about pictures with attention sometimes.

Below expectation

Recognizes pictures with guidance but has difficulty talking about pictures correctly.

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- Sub strand 3.3- Print Awareness

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