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Grade 6 Fractions Worksheets

Class 6 Maths Fractions Short Answer Type Questions

1. What fraction of an hour is 40 minutes?
2. Subtract \frac{81}{3} from \frac{100 }{9}.
3. A rectangle is divided into certain number of equal parts. If 16 of the parts so formed represent the fraction \frac{1}{4}, find the number of parts in which the rectangle has been divided.
4. Grip size of a tennis racquet is 11\frac{9}{80} cm; express the size as an improper fraction.

Class 6 Maths Fractions Long Answer Type Questions

1. Arya, Abhimanyu and Vivek shared lunch. Arya has brought two sandwiches, one made of vegetable and one of jam. The other two boys forgot to bring their lunch. Arya agreed to share his sandwiches so that each person will have an equal share of each sandwich.
(a) How can Arya divide his sandwiches so that each person has an equal share?
(b) What part of a sandwich will each boy receive?
2. Find the equivalent fraction of \frac{3}{5} having:
(a) denominator 20
(b) numerator 9
(c) denominator 30
(b) numerator 27
3. Ramesh had 20 pencils, Sheelu had 50 pencils and Jamaal had 80 pencils. After 4 months, Ramesh used up 10 pencils, Sheelu used up 25 pencils and Jamaal used up 40 pencils. What fraction did each use up? Check if each has used up an equal fraction of her/his pencils?

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