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Download Grade 1-5 Kiswahili CBC Class readers

This is a list of Kiswahili novels for grade one to five. These books are interesting to pupils since they have photo to describe what is in the story. The books can be used by both the students and teachers. The story books can be used to sharpen pupil’s kiswahili knowledge.

Get Your Kiswahili CBC Class Readers From Tusome Kenya

All these Novels are easy to download. You can download as many as you may want

List of Kiswahili CBC Class readers / Tusome Kenya

Fisi Na Mbuzi

Hali ya Hewa

Kabu Aenda Mjini

Lishe Mbora

Mkulima Tajiri

Mzee Kichwa Aita Mkutano

Mgeni shuleni

Na zinginezo

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