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Free CBC Grade 4 Exams

Made in the image and likeness of God My name makes me unique Psalms 139:13 & Genesis 1:27 

  • God created us in his image and likeness.
  • We all have a name. 
  • God has written our name on the palms of his hand.
  • People call us by our name.
  • Our names make us different from other people.
  • Our names are unique.
  • Our names also make us special.
  • I am special because god created me in his image. He also knows my name.

I                      am unique and special to god Psalms 139:13 & Genesis 1:27 

  • We all have things that make us different from others.
  • God created both male and female to look like himself.
  • God created us in his image and likeness.
  • Although we may look different from each other, we all look like God.
  • God created all parts of our bodies.
  • He created us before we were born.  We are special to God
  • He loves us the way we are.
  • We should love ourselves and thank God for creating us.
  • We should love and respect, even when they look different from us.

OUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS Good thoughts and feelings Philippians 4:4 & Ephesians 4:26 

  • We all have thoughts and feelings.
  • We should try to always have good thoughts and feelings.
  • Bad thoughts make us to have bad feelings.
  • When we have bad feelings, we can do things that hurt others or ourselves.
  • When we feel bad, we should do things that make us feel good.
  • Good thoughts make us have good feelings.
  • Good thoughts make us do good things.
  • These include 
    • loving others
    • sharing items with others
    • being kind to others
    • helping those in need
    • helping our parents
    • respecting our elders
  • Good thoughts make us feel good about ourselves and others.
  • When we face difficulties that make us have bad thoughts, we should pray to God.
  • He will give us peace and joy.
  • We should rejoice in the lord because god can solve our problems.

COPING WITH EMOTIONS Philippians 4:4 & Ephesians 4:26 

  • We cope with our emotions by doing things that make us happy.
  • These things include
    • Reading an interesting storybooks
    • Playing with our friends
    • Telling someone we trust about our feelings
    • Listening to favourite songs or playing a game we enjoy
    • Forgiving those who wrong us.
  • Anger can make us commit sin
  • When we are angry, we should not let our anger make us do evil or bad things.
  • We should not be angry at others for a long time.
  • We should talk and make peace with them before the day ends  If other people do things that make us angry we should forgive them.
  • We should not make them angry as well
  • When we forgive those who wrong us, we fell happy.
  • We also feel at peace with ourselves and with others.

MAKING CHOICES Right and wrong choices Philippians 4:4 & Ephesians 4:26 

  • A choice is something we decide to do.
  • Making choice means deciding to do one thing instead of another.
  • We make choices all the tie.
  • We choose what to wear, what to say, what to eat, what to do and who to play with.
  • Some choices we make are right while some are wrong.
  • Right choice makes us happy. They also make God and people happy.
  • They are choices that show obedience to the word of God.
  • Right choices include  
    • Obeying our parents and teachers
    • Sharing with others
    • Helping others
    • Forgiving those who wrong us
    • Respecting others  
  • Wrong choice hurt us. They make us suffer.
  • They also make other people unhappy.
  • Wrong choices include
    • Not telling the truth
    • Disobeying our elders
    • Not doing homework
    • Stealing
    • Abusing others
    • Beating others
    • Gossiping

EFFECTS OF OUR CHOICES Philippians 4:4 & Ephesians 4:26 

  • When we make right choices we become responsible.
  • Other people begin to trust us.
  • God wants us to make right choices in our lives.
  • When we make wrong choices, we feel bad and may hurt others.
  • We may also be punished.
  • We make God unhappy when we make wrong choices.

MY FAMILY Ephesians 6:1-3 

  • A family is a group of people related to each other.

Family members Members of the nuclear family

  • Nuclear families are father, mother and children.
  • Father and mother are our parents.

Free CBC Grade 4 Exams

Members of the extended family

  • Nuclear family and their relatives form an extended family.
  • Our relatives are all people in the families of our parents and their children.
  • Our relativities include our great grandparents, grandparents, our uncles, our aunts and our cousins.

The family tree Ephesians 6:1-3 

  • Members of a family can be arranged on a family tree.
  • A family tree shows the members of a nuclear family and embers of their extended family.
  • A family tree shows how members of a family are related.
  • It shows members of a family starting from the eldest to the youngest.
  • A family tree helps us to understand how we are related to other members of our family.

Respecting family members Ephesians 6:1-3 

  • We should tell our family members the truth.
  • We should also listen to them when they speak to us.
  • When we respect our family members, we live together in peace and unity.
  • We also love each other and care for each other.  This makes everyone in the family happy.
  • The bible tells that obeying our parents is one of Gods’ commandments.  God wants us to obey our parents.
  • God promises us if we respect our parents, we will live happily.
  • He also promises that we will live for a long time.


Protecting myself from sexual abuse

  • Sexual abuse is any sexual activity that you do not agree to.

Sexual misuse practices 

  • Fornication – sexual intercourse among unmarried people e.g. a school boy and school girl.
  • Incest – sex among closely related family members
  • Homosexuality – sex between man and man or boy and man or boy and boy.
  • Adultery – sex out of marriage.
  • Bestially – sex between man and animals.
  • Prostitution – providing sex for money and other material gain.
  • Rape/defilement – sexual harassment

The story of Amnon and Tamar 2 Samuel 13:4-14

  • Amnon, He was king David’s son.
  • Amnon, committed incest when he slept with his half sister, Tamar.
  • Amnom love his half sister, Tamar. He became ill because he knew he could not be with her.
  • Tamar was a virgin and was not allowed to be with boys or men.
  • Amnon’s cousin, Jonadab, advised Amnon to pretend that he was sick.
  • He would then ask his father, King David, to send Tamar to his house to prepare some food and feed him.
  • Tamar went to Amnon’s house and baked some cakes.
  • She went to Amnon’s room to feed him.
  • Amnon asked her to send everyone out of the house.
  • Amnon and Tamar were left alone.
  • Amnon could not control his desire to sleep with Tamar.
  • He asked her to sleep with him but she refused.  Amnon faces Tamar into bed and raped her.
  • Tamar’s brother was Absalom.
  • Absalom revenged by killing Amnon.

Lessons we learn from the story of Amnon and Tamar

  • Rape is an evil. It is a type of sexual abuse. It is a sexual sin.
  • We should be careful when left alone with people of the opposite sex.
  • We should control our emotions so that we do not end up doing bad thigs to others.
  • If someone tells us to do something wrong, we should not end up doing it.
  • We should always protect ourselves from sexual abuse.
  • It is wrong for people to touch us inappropriately.
  • Sexual abuse can harm our bodies and hurt our feelings.

We can protect ourselves from sexual abuse by

  • Not walking alone n strange or unsafe places
  • Not going into a lonely room with someone of the opposite sex Ø Shouting for help if we are touched in a manner that is not proper.
  • Not accepting gifts from strangers
  • Not meeting people of the opposite sex alone.

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 6:19 

  • We should keep our bodies holy.
  • To touch someone inappropriately is to touch someone in a way that is not proper.
  • Touching people inappropriately is a form of sexual abuse.
  • When touch inappropriately we should report t someone we trust.
  • We should trust people who always protect us from danger.
  • Some of these people are
    • Our parents or guardians
    • Our teachers in school
    • Police officer
    • The chief and other leaders
    • Church leaders like pastor, priest 

Attributes of God 

  • God has certain characteristics
  • Attributes of God are the qualities or characteristics of God.
  • Attribute of God help us to understand God’s nature and respect Him.
  • These attributes include
    • God is the sole creator

He created heaven and earth and everything in it

  • God is loving

God love everything he created

  • God is holy

God does not sin. He wants us to live a holy life

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