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Teacher Registration with TSC: A Comprehensive Guide

Completing your teacher registration with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is a seamless process when you follow these straightforward steps and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements, resulting in the prompt receipt of your digital Certificate of Registration.

Requirements for TSC Teacher Registration

To finalize your teacher registration with TSC, you must satisfy specific prerequisites. Here’s an overview of the requirements for both Kenyan and non-Kenyan citizens:

For Kenyan Citizens:

Kenyan citizens can apply for the digital TSC Registration Certificate through this link: The application demands the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct: Include a Certificate of Good Conduct with your application.
  2. Relevant Academic and Professional Certificates: Attach copies of your academic and professional certificates from recognized institutions.
  3. Copy of Identity Card or Passport: Provide a copy of your identity card or passport.
  4. Passport Photo: Include a recent passport photo in your application.
  5. KRA Pin Certificate: Present evidence of your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Pin Certificate.
  6. Duly Filled GP 69 Medical Form: Complete the GP 69 Medical Form as required.
  7. Payment of Registration Fee: Pay a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1055/- through the TSC paybill number 222222.

For Non-Kenyan Citizens:

Non-Kenyan citizens can apply for the digital TSC Registration Certificate through Ensure you have the following requirements:

A. Academic and Professional Certificates: Provide evidence of your academic and professional certificates and other necessary documents for teacher registration. Certificates must be awarded by an accredited foreign institution and equated by the relevant public body in Kenya.

B. Certificate of Registration or Authority to Teach: Include a Certificate of Registration as a teacher or proof of authority to teach in your country of origin.

C. Valid Entry/Work Permit: Attach a valid Entry/Work Permit issued by the Department of Immigration in Kenya.

D. Certificate of Good Conduct: Include a valid Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the relevant law enforcement agency in your country of origin.

E. Vetting Letter: Provide a vetting letter from the Ministry of Education in Kenya.

F. Payment of Registration Fee: Pay the prescribed fee of Kshs. 1055/- through the TSC paybill number 222222. Ensure that all documents are certified by either a TSC Director or TSC Sub County Director.

How to Obtain the Updated TSC Registration Certificate

To obtain the latest Digital TSC registration certificate, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Furnish a Valid Email Address

Initiate the registration process with TSC by providing a valid email address. This email will serve as the primary means of communication between you and TSC throughout the registration procedure.

Step 2: Receive a One-Time Pin (OTP)

After submitting your registration application successfully, anticipate receiving a One-Time Pin (OTP) on your mobile phone. This OTP serves as a verification code, confirming your identity in the registration process. Enter the OTP as prompted to complete the verification.

Step 3: Obtain Your Digital Certificate

Upon approval of your registration, TSC will send a digital copy of your Certificate of Registration to the email address provided during the application.

Step 4: Download and Print

To have a physical copy of your registration certificate, download the emailed certificate and print it. This tangible copy serves as concrete evidence of your registration with TSC.

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