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Download Pre-Primary 1 CBC Exams For All Subjects Including Answers

Download These Files for Free in Either .Pdf or Ms Word

Free CBC Exams For Pre-Primary 1 in Kenya With Answers

Check our list of exams for cbc Pre-Primary 1 pupils. All these are revision papers they can use to gauge their performance. Teachers can also use these exams to prepare learners for better performance.

We give you variety of question papers from different examiners and examining bodies.

Pre-Primary 1 Free CBC Revision Material with Marking Scheme

All these exams are easy to download since they are classified in form of Sets where every Set contains all the subject.

Download These Files for Free in Either .Pdf or Ms Word

PP1 Holiday Homework Booklet.pdf

List of Pre-Primary 1 Subjects in These Exams With Answers

Environment and Religious Activities

Number work Activities

Language activities

Kiswahili Activities

Creative Activities

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