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 Free CBC Grade 4 Exams

  • Resources are things that we use to create wealth.
  • Resources can be man-made things or natural.

 Main resources in our county


  • Land
  • Minerals
  • Animals
  • Forests
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Manpower 


Ways in which resources are conserved in the county

  • We should make good use of our resources.
  • The protection of resources is known as conservation.
  • This can be done through
    • Building gabions
    • Conserving wild animals
    • Fencing
    • Planting trees
    • Protecting animals
    • Conserving water
    • Avoid overgrazing
    • Avoid poaching

Economic activities in the county Ø Economic activities helps to earn a living Ø We use resources to carry economic activities.

  • Economic activities are things that people do in order to create wealth
  • Refers to the use of resources available in order to create wealth or earn a living

Main economic activities in the county


  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Saw milling
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Communication
  • Pottery
  • Basketry
  • Trading

Importance of economic activities

  • People in the county earn money from various economic activities.
  • This improves their standard of living
  • Economic activities like farming have led to development of other industries.  These industries have led to development of roads, hospitals and schools.


Trade in the county

  • Trade is the buying and selling of goods and services.
  • It Is also the exchange of goods and services for money
  • People sell goods that they have and buy what they do not have.

Methods of trade in the county

  1. Barter trade – it is a method of trade where communities exchanged goods for other goods.

For example: exchanging a bag of potatoes for two goats.

  • Currency trade – is the use of money to pay for goods and services For example: people use money to buy food or clothes


Benefits of trade in the county a) Creation of employment

  • Improvement of transport and transport
  • Earns foreign exchange
  • Promotes cooperation and understanding
  • Promotes growth of town (urbanization)
  • Promotes agricultural sector
  • Source of revenue for the government
  • Promotes interaction and exchange of ideas


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Free CBC Grade 4 Exams

Lawful trading activities in the county 

  • Lawful trading activities are business that are accepted in the county.
  • These activities involve selling goods and services that have been approved by the county government.
  • One needs a license from the county government before engaging in trading activities  This makes the trading activity lawful.
  • Engaging in a trading activity without a license is unlawful.
  • If you do not pay tax, your trading activities will be considered unlawful.
  • Traders pay taxes to county government
  • We should encourage all people to engage in lawful trading activities.



Industries in our county

  • An industry is a place where raw materials are made into useful products.
  • Industries are the processes and activities to produce final goods from raw materials
  • A factory is a place where raw materials are turned into new and useful products

Types of industries

  1. Processing
    1. Also called primary industries
      1. The produce goods used in other industries
      1. Mostly deals with agricultural products
      1. Examples of processing industries
      1. Coffee and tea processing industries
  • Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing industries
    • Also called secondary industries
    • Relies on some goods from primary industries
    • Some uses raw materials directly
    • Examples of manufacturing industries
      • Cement making
      • Oil refineries
      • Glass making industries
      • Paper making industries
      • Medicine making industries
  • Assembly
    • To assemble is to put together
    • It involves putting together items to get a complete item
    • Examples of assembling industries
      • Motor vehicle assembly
        • Bicycle assembly
        • Radio assembly
        • Television assembly
  • Service
    • They provide services
    • Examples of service industries
      • Banking
      • Hotels
      • Printing and publishing
      • Transport and communication
      • Insurance
      • Tourism
  • Jua kali
  • Uses the locally available materials
  • Operates in open air
  • Requires little capital to start


Industry Raw materialsProducts 
1) Creameries Milk Cheese, butter, milk powder, 
2) Cement makingLimestone Cement for building houses
3) Car Assembly  
4) Jua kaliScarp metals Jikos, 
5) Bakeries  Wheat Cakes. Flour,
6) WeavingSisal Ropes 
7) Pottery Clay Pots and ceramic made materials
8) Shoe makingLeather, hidesShoes 
9) Wood carvingTree woodsSculpture of animals like a lion
10)  Brick makingStones, bricksBricks for building


Benefits of industries in the county

  • Creates employment
  • Promotes trade
  • Source of revenue to the government through taxes
  • Leads to development of infrastructure
  • Leads to urbanization
  • It is a form of income to Farmers when they sell their produce to the industries and get money
  • Promotes agriculture
  • Improves the peoples living standards
  • Industries provide goods that we need in our lives

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