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What are the Benefits of a School Feeding Program

The role of various stakeholders in ensuring nutrition for all learners, including parents, sponsors, local administration, Area Member of Parliament (MP), and county government, are crucial in promoting the health and well-being of learners. Here are their potential roles:


Parents play a critical role in ensuring the nutrition of their children by providing balanced meals at home, encouraging healthy eating habits, and promoting a supportive home environment for nutrition. They can also actively engage with school feeding programs, participate in nutrition education programs, and collaborate with schools and other stakeholders to promote nutrition initiatives.


Sponsors, such as NGOs or corporate entities, can provide financial or in-kind support for school feeding programs or other nutrition initiatives. They can contribute resources to ensure that learners have access to nutritious meals, and they can also participate in nutrition education programs or awareness campaigns.

Local administration

The local administration, including local government officials, can provide support in terms of policy development, coordination, and implementation of nutrition programs in schools. They can ensure that schools have access to clean water, sanitary facilities, and appropriate infrastructure for food preparation and storage. They can also collaborate with other stakeholders to promote nutrition education and awareness in the local community.

Area Member of Parliament (MP)

The Area MP can advocate for policies and resources to support nutrition initiatives in schools. They can use their influence to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for learners and advocate for adequate funding and resources for school feeding programs. They can also collaborate with other stakeholders to address nutrition-related issues at the policy level.

County government

The county government, being responsible for the overall welfare of its constituents, can play a role in supporting nutrition for all learners. This can include providing financial support, allocating resources, and coordinating nutrition programs in schools within the county. They can also develop policies and guidelines to ensure that schools implement effective nutrition programs, and they can collaborate with other stakeholders to promote nutrition initiatives in schools.

In summary, ensuring nutrition for all learners requires the collective effort of parents, sponsors, local administration, Area MPs, and county government. Each stakeholder has a role to play in promoting nutrition education, providing resources, advocating for policies, and coordinating efforts to ensure that learners have access to nutritious meals and develop healthy eating habits for their overall health and well-being.

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