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Culture is people way of living. The culture of people includes:

  • The language they speak
  • The food they eat
  • The clothes they wear
  • The way they worship
  • The games and sports they play.


  • An age set is a social group of people of similar age with a shared identity.
  • Members of an age set maintain set class ties over a long period of time
  • An age group is a social group of people born during a particular period of time

Functions of a clan in society

Grade 6 Social Studies Notes

The clan system

  • A clan is a group of people who have a common ancestor or forefather
  • Clan members are related by blood
  • Clans were founded by males
  • Communities trace their origin through the male ancestor
  • Agikuyu clans bear the names ot the nine daughters of gikuyu and mumbi.
  • A group of clans make an ethnic group or community
  • Members of the same clan are not allowed to marry each other

Functions of a clan

  • Clan elders settled disputes among clan members
  • Clan owned land on behalf of its members
  • Giving a sense of belonging e.g. identity
  • Setting rules to govern its members
  • Planning and conducting important ceremonies
  • Negotiating and paying dowry
  • Educating the youth
  • Providing comfort to members during hard times 
  • Safeguarding the values of the clan
  • Determining religious practises and beliefs of the clan
  • Protecting its members from external attacks

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 Aspects of African traditional culture and ought to be preserved. Some aspects of African traditional culture include

  • traditional food
  • Worship ceremonies
  • Festivals
  • Music
  • Dances
  • Language
  • Games and sports
  • Dressing

Posters on aspects of traditional culture that ought to be preserved

Project/individual work

Grade 6 Social Studies Notes: Culture

Supporting aspects of traditional culture that ought to be preserved

Project work


  • A school is a place where pupils go to be taught or to learn
  • Is an educational institution designed to provide learning to learners with the support of teachers
  • A school mainly equips learners with knowledge and skills
  • A school trains individuals to be responsible or useful members of the society
  • We have government and private schools

Highlight Ways in which School Collaborates With the Community

Benefits of collaboration between school and the community

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