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•This is the use of technology in the instructional processes that enhances both teaching and learning.

•It infuses instructional design and development with tools that eliminate learning in abstract form.

•Instructional technology creates engaging, effective learning experiences using available technological tools for pedagogical purposes and motivation.

•Instructional technology can be either a software or hardware which is used to facilitate learning and improving performance.

vThe purpose of instructional technology is to provide solutions to instructional problems and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of learning.

Benefits of Instructional Technology

Learner centeredness: 

•The addition of technology into the classroom can help transform the classroom experience from a classic teacher centered one into a student-centered experience – with students taking a more active role in their learning. In a student-centered classroom, the teacher becomes more of a guide as the students engage with and tackle the day’s lesson. 

Access to education resources 

•Technology provides teachers and students with access to a variety of educational resources that inspire creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Differentiated learning:

•Through the use of instructional technology, differentiated instruction can be made much easier. It can become more of a reality

• With differentiated instruction, students are provided an education that is personalized – and that meets them where they are, developmentally. 

•More students are able to benefit from this type of instruction. The use of technology also provides students access to very rich learning materials outside of the classroom.

Acquisition of 21st century skills

• it is of paramount important that while in school, students use tools that will best prepare them for their future academic and professional experiences.

•Integrating technology into the classroom provides students with a set of skills to navigate through the variety of online tools we have today.

• It also provides teachers opportunities to educate students on digital citizenship and the new challenges to academic integrity.

Other benefits  of instructional technology include:

•It promotes inclusion and the development of digital literacy skills.

•It extends learning beyond the text – and beyond the classroom walls.

•It exposes students and teachers to new online global communities. This in turn promotes a global awareness, which is an essential component to a 21st century education.

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