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2024 Junior Secondary (JSS) Compulsory and Optional Subjects

Rationalisation of Learning Areas in The CBC

Commencing in January 2024, the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is set to undergo a reduction in the number of learning areas accessible to students. This information is sourced from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), an organization primarily responsible for curriculum implementation roles.
The study reveals that students under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) will experience a reduction in the number of subjects starting in the first term of 2024. For Grades One through Three, the learning areas will decrease from nine to seven.

Furthermore, there will be a decrease in the number of learning areas for Grades 4 through 6, from 12 to 8. Similarly, for Grades 7–9, the learning areas will be reduced from 14 to 9. Both junior and senior schools will have seven learning areas, while pre-primary will maintain five.

Here is a Summary

1.Social studies has been merged with Life skills

2. Agriculture merged with Home Science
3.Integrated science merged with Health Education
4.Pre technical studies, Computer Studies merged with Business studies
5.Visual arts, Performing arts, sports & PE merged.
6 Mathematics independent
7.English independent
8 Kiswahili independent
9.Religious Education independent

This makes a total of 9 compulsory learning areas with no optional learning areas …
No new books will be printed in grade 7 the educator will be required to get content from the previous learning areas book supplied this year..

2024 Junior Secondary (JSS) Compulsory and Optional Subjects

Upper Primary CBC Learning Areas

The learning areas will be as follows.
1 English
2. Mathematics
3. Kiswahili
4. Religious Education
5. Agriculture and Nutrition (merging of Agri and Home Science)
6. Social studies
7 Creative Arts (merging of creative arts music and PHE)
8 Science and Technology

A total of 8 learning areas from the previous 11

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