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KCPE 2023 candidates can check their exam results using the procedure below;

  • Using your mobile phone, go to Messages
  • Enter your KCPE Index Number
  • Then send the message to SMS code 40054
  • You will receive your KCPE results message
  • Confirm that subject score and total grade are okay

If your KCPE exam results have an error, then file a complaint to KNEC within the shortest time possible.

Online confirmation of KCPE 2023 exam results for schools

Primary schools can get their KCPE 2023 results online using the KNEC Portal. The only challenge with using the KNEC portal to access results for the whole school is that KNEC delays posting them. Sometimes the portal will have access errors due to high traffic. If you are patient enough, you can wait for about one week and download the exam results for the entire school. The best and quickest option for checking KCPE results for the whole school is to collect them from the sub-county education office. This can only be done by the school head or representative.

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