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    Overview of Assessment of JSS

Assessment for the JSS will be referred to as Kenya Junior Secondary Education assessment (KJSEA). At Pre-Vocational level, the assessment will be referred to as Kenya Pre-Vocational Level Education Assessment (KPLEA)..

5.2   Purpose of Assessment

Assessment at JSS and Pre-Vocational level shall serve the following purposes:

  • Providing feedback on acquisition of competencies to the learner, teacher, parents/guardians, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitoring the achievement of learning outcomes at both individual and group levels.
  • Informing policy makers and curriculum developers on areas to target for appropriate intervention.
  • Facilitating the teacher to improve instructional strategies and approaches.
  • Identifying gaps in the provision of resources that support implementation of curriculum.
  • Informing parents and guardians on learners’ educational needs/areas for support or intervention.
  • Encouraging learners to develop skills of self and peer assessment and to be responsible for own learning.
  • Identifying and nurturing learners’ potential and talents.
  • Informing transition and selection of pathways in SSS and Vocational level.
  • Assessing possible extraneous and intervening factors and their impact on learner achievement. 
  • Certification and/or transitional report at the end of Grade 9 (KJSEA) and Pre-Vocational Level (KPLEA).

The Assessment Cycle in JSS

Assessment at JSS and Pre-Vocational level will conform to the key stages of the cycle as outlined in Figure 3. 

Figure 3:  KNEC Assessment Cycle

       Subjects for Assessment at Junior Secondary School and Pre-Vocational Level

At JSS, learners will be assessed in all the 12 core subjects and one or two optional subjects as stipulated in the Curriculum Designs; while learners at the Pre- Vocational level will be assessed in 9 subjects as indicated in Tables 7 and 8.

Table 7: Subjects for Assessment at Junior Secondary School Level

  Core Subjects (b)       Optional Subjects
1.English1Visual Arts
2.Kiswahili or KSL2Performing Arts
3.Mathematics3Home Science
4.Integrated Science4Computer Science
5.Health Education5Foreign Languages: German/ French Mandarin
6.Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education6Arabic
7.Social Studies7Kenyan Sign Language
8.Religious Education (Learners choose one of the following CRE, IRE or HRE)8Indigenous Language
9Business Studies  
11.Life Skills  
12.Sports and Physical Education  

Table 8: Subjects for Assessment at Pre-Vocational Level

 S/NoPre-Vocational Skills
1.Communication, Social and Literacy Skills
2.Daily Living Skills
3.Mathematics Activities
4.Music and Movement
5.Religious Education:
6.Christian Religious Education
7.Hindu Religious Education
8.Islamic Religious Education
9.Physical and Health Education
10.Hygiene, Nutrition and Safety
11.Environmental Activities
12.Social Studies.

JSS Professional Documents

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