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Learner Support Programmes in Junior Secondary-JSS

Professional Documents

Professional documents are prepared by the teacher to guide effective and efficient implementation of the curriculum. These include Schemes of Work, Lesson Plan, Record of Work Covered, and Individualized Education Plan for learners with special needs and disabilities. In this regard, the JSS leadership SHALL ensure that:

  • Schemes of work are developed by the teacher, based on the Curriculum Designs.
  • Schemes of work indicate the requisite administrative details, week, lesson, strand, sub- strand, specific learning outcomes, learning experiences, key inquiry questions, learning resources, assessment and reflection.
  • Schemes of work are ready for use by the first week of every term and all necessary planning is considered before then.
  • Teachers prepare and use lesson plans for every lesson as per the schemes of work. The lesson plans SHOULD break down the content in the scheme of work into teachable units.
  • Teachers formulate lesson specific learning outcomes and provide opportunities for extended learning, based on the Curriculum Designs.
  • Lesson planning takes into consideration the learners age, ability, background, learning style, available learning resources and the learning environment. In addition, values and development of core competencies SHOULD be integrated in the lesson planning.
  • All teachers maintain a record of work as evidence of the content covered and for ease of handing and taking over in case of a transfer.
  • The Record of work covered provides the requisite administrative details, time frame, lesson, content covered and a reflection. This SHOULD be signed by the school head.

( ix) Where a JSS has more than one stream, the record of work is used as a supervision tool on curriculum implementation across the streams.

  • Individual Education Plan is developed to meet the unique needs of a learner with special needs, to guide the planning and monitoring of their learning.
  • Progress records document the learner’s academic performance on a weekly, monthly or termly basis to monitor learners’ academic performance.
  • Progress records provide accurate, factual, and up to date records of the learners’ academic progress and performance. In addition, these SHOULD be used by the teacher to identify learners in need of guidance and support as well as to provide information for instructional planning
  • Progress records are used by both the teacher and the learner to reflect on, and re-assess the teaching-learning relationship.
  • All professional documents are endorsed.
  • Purchased professional documents are not utilized by the teachers.

Distribution of Lessons in Junior Secondary

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