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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub strand,  the learner should be able to:-

a) use prepositions to talk about personal safety, security and simple injuries, 

  • recognise the location given by prepositions in oral construction of sentences, 
  • appreciate the use of prepositions for indicating location. 

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners describe various positions of realia as displayed in the classroom.
  • Learners engage in  hide and find game in small groups  to locate various objects
  • Learners play a digital game.
  • Learners construct sentences based on the objects used in the hide and find game.
  • Learners discuss where objects are found in their homes.
  • Learners repeat sentence structures containing prepositions from a story, poem or conversation they have listened to.

Key Inquiry Question(s)

  1. What can you

see in the classroom?

  • Where are the objects mentioned?

Core Competences to be developed:  Critical thinking and problem solving developed through the hide and find game to discuss positions of objects, Learning to learn by using prepositions to describe location of objects, people and places.

Link to PCIs: ESDSafety and security

Life skills (effective communication), Citizenship – social cohesion through hide and find game.

Links to other subjects : All subjects that mention positions of objects, places and people

 Suggested non-formal activity to support learning:  Language games mentioning where  objects in their homes are found.

Suggested Learning Resources: Charts, pictures/ photographs  of  people and objects in different positions, computer devices with audio-visual recordings of people and objects in different positions.

Link to Values:  Resepect,  Love,  Responsibility, Unity

Suggested Community Service Learning activities: Sharing with community members about safety in their environment.   

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, portfolio, observation

Suggested Formative Assessment Rubric

Exceeding Expectations

Learner is able to recognise and use a variety simple prepositions to describe   the location of objects people and places accurately. 

Meeting Expectations 

Learner is able to recognise and use simple prepositions to describe  the location of objects accurately

Approaching Expectations

Learner is sometimes able to  recognise and use some simple prepositions to describe   the location of some objects. 

Below Expectations

Learner is able to recognise and but rarely uses prepositions  to describe   the location of objects. 

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