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Specific learning Outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:

  1. Convey verbal messages effectively in and out of class. 
  2. Listen to information attentively for effective communication in and out of class.
  3. Experience pleasure in passing verbal messages in and out of class.

 Suggested Learning experiences

  • Learners could participate in activities that involve conveying messages   to other learners or to teachers e.g. telephone games. 
  • In pairs and small groups, learners could practise conveying messages to each other.
  • Learners could be guided to pay attention when listening to other children, teachers and parents and be appreciated for passing messages effectively.
  • Learners could be engaged in dialogue with each other.
  • Learners could be involved in conveying messages whenever an opportunity arises.

 Inquiry Questions

  1. What opportunities arise for children to pass verbal information?
  2. How can children be involved in passing verbal messages?
  3. What activities prepare learners to listen attentively?

Core-competence developed

Communication and collaboration, learning to learn, digital literacy

Link to PCI: Citizen: Social integration

Life skills: Effective communication.

Link to other Activity Areas

Environmental and Social Activities

Link to Values: Respect, responsibility, integrity

Link to other Activity Areas

Environmental and Social Activities

Suggested Community Service Learning  

Organise for a message delivery activity where the teacher sends a learner to take a verbal message home with instructions that s/he will be required to bring feedback

Non- Formal Activity to support learning through application

Learners invite other learners from other classes within the school for a story telling session organized for their class

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, observations, portfolio

Teaching/Learning Resources: Whisper games, ICT devices, locally made telephone, masks, puppets, costumes, realia

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation 

Listens effectively and consistently delivers a precise message.

Meets Expectation

Listens attentively most of the time and delivers slightly related but not fully accurate messages.  

Approaching expectation

Listens attentively sometimes but delivers a distorted message

Below Expectation

Listens with guidance, but fails to deliver message.  

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