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PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 2.2 Number Recognition

Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner  should be  able to:

  1. identify numerals 1-9 for development of numeracy skills and symbolic representation of number
  2. appreciate use of numbers in day to day life experiences

Suggested Learning Experiences

  • Learners to talk about numbers on number flash cards or number charts
  • Guide learners to identify and talk about numbers found on objects in their environment
  • A few learners to identify numbers on flash cards or charts
  • Learners sing songs related to numbers 1- 9
  • Learners model numbers 1- 9
  • In pairs or small groups learners to play number recognition games (fishing game) 
  • Learners to form numbers, type number symbols, identify

number numerals using ICT


Key Inquiry Questions

  1. Which number is shown on the flashcard? 
  2. Which number have you modelled?
  3. Who can show me two numbers on the number chart that look alike?

Core competence:

  • Self efficacy as they sing and dance number songs,
  • Communication and collaboration as they work in pair/small groups,
  • Learning to learn as they identify numbers on objects found in their environment,
  • Digital literacy as they identify numbers using ICT.

 Link to PCIs:

  • Citizenship: communication collaboration as they use materials together. 
  • Life skills: critical thinking as they recognize numbers.  
  • Values: Love,sharing and turn taking.

Link to other activity areas:

  • Psychomotor and creative as they sing and dance songs on numbers,
  • Language as they talk about number on flash cards/charts.

Suggested community service: – non-formal activity to support learning through application:   

  • Learners to Collect materials from the community to use them in making number flash cards hence making their environment clean.
  • Learners to visit local football netball, volleyball, rugby clubs and talk about the numbers of players as written on their T-shirts. 

Suggested Learning Resources: Number flash cards, charts, calendar, clay, plasticine.

Suggested Assessment Rubric:


Above expectation

Recognizing number numerals 19 and beyond

Tell differences between number numerals 1-9 and beyond

Able to appreciate numbers 1-9 and beyond

Meets expectation

Recognizing number numerals 1-9

Tell differences between number numerals 1-9

Able to appreciate numbers 1-9 

Approaches expectation

Recognizing number numerals 1-6

Tell differences between number numerals 1-6

Able to appreciate numbers 1-6Below expectation

Below expectation

Recognizing number numerals  below 6

Tell differences between number  numerals 1-5

Able to appreciate  numbers below 5

PP1 Curriculum Design: sub strand 2.2 Number Recognition

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