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Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers


  1. What was created on the third day? 
  2. Who were Moses’ parents? 
  3. Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? 
  4. Prophet Hosea prophesied about? 
  5. Who referred to Jesus as lamb of God?
  6. Most of the episties were written by 
  7. The main message of John the Baptist to the people was 
  8. God is the creator of all things. He taught us to respect human life through one of the commandments. Which commandment?  
  9. When Jesus was born, the Angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds to 

10.When Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to Jerusalem for dedication, they found two people in the temple. ___and ___

11.”Do not be afraid to take Mary to be your wife, for it is by Holy Spirit that she was conceived”. Matthew 1:20. These words were spoken by ___to ____

12. What is the main teaching of the first book in the bible? 

13.Who prophesied about the new covenant that would be written on people’s hearts?

  1. Why did the angel tell Mary that her son would be holy? 
  2. The Israelites were given manna from heaven during the exodus. What was the main lesson they learnt about God? God is

 16.Why did Zechariah doubt the angel’s message?

 17.What was John the Baptist’s message to the soldiers? 

  1. Apostle Paul taught that Christians should love their wives as much as
  2. During the Passover night, the Israelites were to eat unleavened bread to show 
  3. It was written in the Old Testament that Jesus Christ would be born Bethlehem.Which prophet foretold this 

 21.How did prophetess Anna describe Baby Jesus during dedication? 

22.Why did Moses sprinkle blood on Israelites during the covenant at Mt Sinai? He wanted them to 

23. Why do people mainly gamble?

 24.In which creation account is the garden of Eden?

  • Missionaries mainly come to Kenya to
  • What did Jesus teach about fasting?

 27.The journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land is called 

  • Which commandment teaches about importance of marriage?
  • Which statement in the bible shows marriage is permanent? 
  • State one form of gambling people in your community do today. 

Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers


  1. List two versions of the bible used in Kenya today. 
  2. Wife to Moses was called 
  3. Why did Moses run away from Egypt? 
  4. Books of law are also referred to as 
  5. Man was placed in the garden of Eden to ___and ___
  6. What was created on the 7″ day? 
  7. The four streams that flowed through the garden of Eden were 
  8. The life and working of Jesus Christ is told in books known as 
  9. Why did Mary and Joseph take baby Jesus to Egypt? 
  10. What message did John the Baptist tell to the tax collectors? 

11.Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem on the night when Jesus was born? 

  1. King Herod ordered killing of all baby boys below the age of two years in Bethlehem and its neighbourhood because 
  2. The Israelites ate bitter herbs during the Passover mainly to 
  3. Moses dedicated the Israelites to God by 
  1. “Do not be afraid!, | am here with good news for you which will bring great joy to all people” Luke 2:10

Those words were spoken by angel to

 16.Which was the prophecy of Micah about the Messiah. 

17.____ was created on the fourth day. 

18.____ referred to Jesus as the suffering servant. 

  1. Why did Jesus fast? 
  2. Jesus and His parents had gone to celebrate the ____ festival in Jerusalem. 
  3. Jesus was dedicated according to the law of 
  4. John the Baptist baptized people with
  5. When Moses became so old, ___led the Israelites.
  6. Which bible translation was done in 1951? 

25.John Ludwig Kraph was a missionary sent by 

26. List any two forms of gambling. 

27.In which creation account was marriage for procreation. 

  • The character of God mainly shown in Genesis stories of creation is God is 
  • Planting trees where they have been cut is known as 
  • Name any hospital in your area that has been started by the church.


  1. When God called Moses, he was living at 
  2. Jesus was dedicated on the __ day.
  3. During the war with the Amelekites, ___ and ___ held Moses’ hand up and the Israelites won.
  4. In East Africa the first bible was done by
  5. Prophet Hosea predicted that Jesus would 
  6. ___ is the only prophetic book in the new testament. 
  7. The original home town of Jesus was 
  8. Which quality of leadership was mainly shown by Moses when he led the Israelites out of Egypt? 
  9. Who were the first people to visit baby Jesus? 
  10. List any similarity in the two accounts of creation.
  11. Christians can protect wild animals by.

12.When we say that God ig transcendent, it means He ___

13. ___ was given power over all the other God’s creation. Some bibles include some extra books commonly known as Deutero-canonical or apocrypha. List them. 14.

20. The Old testament was originally written in ______ language. 

21.The wife of Moses was 

22. The governor of Syria who was ruling when Jesus was born was 

23.In mission school pupils were taught 3Rs. The three R’s represented 

24. Moses, Aaron and Miriam were from the tribe of 

25.Which book narrates the work of the apostles? 

26.How many piagues did the Egyptian experience before the exodus of the Israelites? 

27.According to the customs, Jesus was circumcised on the day. 

  • Why did missionaries come to Kenya?
  • Jesus was mainly born to 
  • Why does Paul encourage people to marry and get married? 

Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers


  1. God called Moses from the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses was not willing to go back to Egypt because 
  2. At the age of twelve years, Jesus was taken to the temple where he met 
  3. Why is it important to learn C.R.E as a subject? 
  4. Why is the bible different from other books? 
  5. ___ was an old man who had been promised by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before seeing the Messiah. 
  6. What was common between the annunciation of the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist? 
  7. ___ prophesied that Jesus would be born in David’s lineage. 
  8. How did God help the Israelites when they lacked food? 
  9. Which plague made Pharaoh to let go of the children of Israel? 
  10. What did the missionaries do to ease the work of evangelizing? They 
  11. Episties are also called 
  12. Which commandment mainly explain that Christians should dedicate their time to worship God? 
  13. It is permanent, It is monogamous, It involves the church. 

Which type of marriage is described above? 

  1. Why was Moses told to remove his shoes? 
  2. The main school for the blind in Kenya is 

16.Why did the missionaries establish hospitals? 

  1. Which mission station was started in Kenya for freed slaves? 

When the wisemen visited baby Jesus, they gave them the following gifts.

What did each symbolize? 

  1. Gold 
  2. Frankincense  
  3. Myrrh 

21.Who is the founder of the Israelites Nation? 

22.How did Simeon describe Jesus on the day of dedication? 

  • Which warning was given to Adam and Eve after they were created according to the second creation account? 
  • Why do Christians condemn sexual misuse?
  • What was the occupation of Joseph the earthly father of Jesus? 
  • During the feeding of the 5,000 people, Jesus showed that we should take care of the environment when he 

27.The ten commandments were given on Mt. 

  • We can take care of the wild animals by 
  • led the Israelites into praising and worshipping God after they crossed the Red sea. 
  • God told Joseph to escape to Egypt with baby Jesus because Herod wanted to. kill him through a 


  1. ___ was the forerunner of Jesus Christ.
  2. During the Passover night, the Israelites were to eat while standing to show 

Which are the major prophetic books?

8. God is omniscient means that God Is all 9. Moses was adopted by 

  1. Jethro worked as a
  2. Who referred to Jesus as the Prince of Peace? 
  3. John the Baptist Said that Jesus would baptize people with 
  4. What happened in Heaven when Jesus was born? 

14.Why do people pay dowry during marriage? 

15 “My servant Moses is now dead. Get ready now, you and all the people of Israel” These words were said by God to 

16.Mumias school for the deaf is sponsored by 

17. Moses died on Mt. __ 

18.God gave the Israelites the ten commandments mainly to ____

  1. At Marah in the wilderness, what happened? 
  2. Why did Jesus remain in the temple when he was twelve years old? 

21.”Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear” These words were said to ___ by ____

22. The birth of John the Baptist was announced to  23.How can you help someone who is addicted to gambling? 

24.Who had prophesied about the killing of baby boys? 

25. Why did Zachariah become dumb? 

List any three problems missionaries faced when they came to Kenya. 




29.Complete: Happy are the pure in heart for 

30.In which country was Jesus a refugee? 

Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers


  1. Lazarus and his sisters lived in the town of 
  2. The first marriage was between ___ and ___
  3. God rested on the 7″ day, blessed it and called it 
  4. On the day God created wild and domestic animals. 
  • Creation stories which explain the origin of man are called 

6.___ is the Most commonly abused drug in Kenya  today. 

  • The body that fight against drug abuse in Kenya is called ___
  • Prophet ____ was asked by God to marry a prostitute. 
  • In some traditional African communities, people worshiped facing mountains because 
  • Jesus taught that the greatest commandment is 

11.___ was the wisest king of Israel. 

  1. “Do not murder” Exodus 20:13. Which King broke the above commandment? 
  2. Happy are those who work for peace for 
  3. We should pray ___
  4. True riches should be stored in 

Write the names of God in traditional African community 


17. Luo. 


  1. Luhya 
  2. Kamba 

21.Name 3. African practices not compatible with Christianity.  

22.Why was marriage important In traditional African community? 

23. The book of Psalm was written by 

24.State 3 examples of laity In the church. 

  • Whose prophesy was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples? 
  • How many believers were added to the congregation during the day of Pentecost? 

During exodus, what was the sign of God to the Israelites during 

  • The day? 

28.The night? 

29. Theological colleges are also known as 

30.The first Passover feast was celebrated in . 


  1. Why is Jesus referred to as a Nazarene? 
  2. Why was King Herod in trouble when he learnt about the birth of Jesus? 
  3. What did Paul do in Corinth to earn a living? 

State what was created on 

  • 1st day 
  • 2nd day 
  • 3rd day 
  • 4th day 
  • 5th day 
  • 6th day 
  • 7th day 

11.Why is man regarded as special among all God‘s creation?

12.Joseph the father of Jesus was a sop of 

13. State 3 values acquired in Education, 

14.Name 2 types of prayers made by Christians. 

15.What did Jesus teach about fasting? 

16.How old was Jesus when he was dedicated in the temple? 

17. How did Jesus defeat the devil during temptation 

18.Who led the Israelites after the death of Moses? 

19.Jesus was crucified at the place called Golgotha which Means 

20.How many hours of darkness were experienced when Jesus was on the cross? 

21.Why was Saul converted? 

  • Name two books written by Dr. Luke.
  • John wrote the book of Revelation while at  24. Who defended the disciples on the day of Pentecost? 
  • Which priest anointed David and Saul to be kings?
  • The New Testament bible was first written in ___ language. 

27.Flying Doctors service was started in the year 

28.Name the first four disciples of Jesus  29.How old was Abraham when God called him? 

30.Who was the last judge of Israel? 

Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers


  1. The books written by Paul are called 
  2. was the father of Lot? 
  3. Why did Anania and Saphira die? 
  4. Which is the genuine religion according to James 1:17? 
  5. Which King ordered Daniel to be thrown in the lion’s den? 
  6. Where was Elisha going when the 42 boys mocked him? 
  7. Who confessed that Jesus was ‘an innocent and a good man of God’ while Jesus was on the cross? 
  8. Why did Judas Iscariot commit suicide? 
  9. Who helped Jesus when devil left him after temptation? 
  10. Jesus healed the deaf mute by saying ___ which means ‘open up’. 
  11. Name one church owned university in Kenya. 

12.Who is known as the prophet of love? 

13. Which Pentateuch book teaches on ‘he law concerning sacrifice?  14. The 1st mission station in Kenya was set up at ___ in the year ____ 

15.How did Rachel the wife of Jacob die? 

  1. Which Elisha’s servant was dishonest? 
  2. Ability to abstain from marriage and serve God as practised by Nuns is known as 

18.According to 2 Thessalonians 3. Whoever refuses to work 

19. Which parable teaches about humility in prayer? 

20.___ offered Peter and John money so that they could give Him power of the Holy Spirit?  

  • Give three answers God can give when we pray. 
  • In Mark 8: 34 — 35, Jesus said that if anyone want to follow Him, they must

23.School of the deaf in Mumias is managed by 

24.Name 3 things refugees need. 

25.Give 2 ways through which the church help the aged.

Define the following. 


  • Tribalism 
  • Corruption  
  • Racism 
  • Name two commonly abused drugs in Kenya. 


  1. How did Elisha make the axe head float in River Jordan? 
  2. Why was the tomb of Jesus guarded? 
  3. Who was released instead of Jesus according to public demand? 
  4. After Jesus was baptised, He did not go back to Nazareth, He lived in 
  5. How did Joseph learn that king Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus? 

Name the wives of the following people. 

  • Abraham 
  • Isaac 
  • Zechariah 
  • Zebedee 
  • Adam 

11.Which apostle taught that faith without action is dead? 

  1. ___ and ___asked Jesus to permit them to sit at the left and right sides. 
  2. Believers were first called Christians at. 
  3. The disciples waited patiently for the coming of the Holy Spirit at the town of 

15.Name two fruits of Holy Spirit. 

  1. While Paul became blind, he stayed in the house of 
  2. Who was led by envy and committed murder in the bible? 
  3. The story of the rich man and Lazarus teaches us to always be ready to 
  4. According to the parable of the good Samaritan, a neighbor is anyone 
  5. According to proverbs 19.14 a sensible wife is given by 
  6. ___ work refers to the kind of work we do using our hands and physical energy. 

22.Cain worked as ___ a while Abel worked as a ___

23. State how God cared for the Israelites during  

24.” A voice is shouting from the wilderness, prepare a way for the Messiah” who said these words?

25.Why were people puzzled when Elizabeth named her child John? 

  • The main lesson Christians learn from the story of Jesus going to the temple at the age of 12 is 
  • Why did the women go to the tomb of Jesus? 
  • Jesus ascended in the town of 
  • Who prophesied about the killing of baby boys? 
  • Why is Moses considered the greatest prophet? 


1. Who does the following description fit? 

He fed on honey and locust

 He dressed in camel skin

 He was fearless and great in the eyes of God.

2.The main reason why Zechariah doubted angels message was because

 Who among the following disciples of Jesus 

  • Betrayed him 
  • Called Jesus the Messiah 
  • Was loved most by Jesus 
  • Denied Jesus __ 
  • State 3 roles of the Holy Spirit ___ ? 
  • Why did Jesus name Peter the rock? 
  • Name 3 lessons Christian learn about God In the apostle’s creed. 
  • According African traditional communities, poverty was caused by 

11.State 3 ways through which HIV/AIDS can be spread from one person to another 

  1. List 3 ways through which Christians celebrate Christmas. 
  2. Jethro worked as a 
  3. Moses stayed up the mountain for ___ days. 
  4. ___ was also called Nathanael. 
  5. ___ was chosen to replace Judas as a disciple.
  6. Gospel means ___
  7. According to the first creation account, marriage was for Define the following terms.  19. Re-afforestation ___
  • Afforestation ____ 
  • Irrigation 
  • Deforestation 
  • List the major prophetic books in the bible. 

24.Why was Moses hidden as a baby? 

  • ___ were the first people to visit baby Jesus. 
  • Name 2 forms of gambling. 
  • Who is known as the father of faith? 

28.The prayers we make for other people are known as 

29.The act of praising God in prayer is known as 

30. Which mountain did Jesus mainly go for private prayer? 

Grade 7 (JSS) CRE Topical Questions and Answers

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