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Topical questions 2

  1. What was created on the6th day? 
  2. From the 2nd creation account, man was created out of 
  3. In which creation account was there a garden? 
  4. Why did Adam name ‘her’ woman? 
  5. What lesson do we learn from God resting of the 7″ day? 
  6. Name 3 ways man can protect birds. 
  7. Name 3 ways man can tack care of plants. 
  8. State 3 attributes of God portrayed in all stories of creation. 
  9. When we say God is transcendent we mean that He is 
  10. Name four rivers in the garden of Eden.
  11. ___ separate human beings from God.
  12. ___ is the most cunning animal that God created.

State when the following were created.

  1. Heavenly bodies ____
  2. Sea creatures and birds ____
  3. Sky ____


Topical questions 3

  1. State 4 importance of the Bible. 
  2. The Bible is divided into two main parts. Name them. 
  3. There are books in the new testament. 
  4. There are books in the old testament. 
  5. Name the apocrypha books. 
  6. Books of law are also called ____and ___
  • Name five major prophet books. 
  • Joshua and Judges are example of ___ books. 
  • Name 3 poetic books. 
  • Gospel means 
  • Name four gospel books and their authors, 
  • Most of the epistles were written by 
  • Apocalypse is a Greek word to mean 
  • The old testament was written in 
  • In East Africa, the 1st bible translation was done by 
  • Name two bible versions used in your school? and 
  • The parents of Moses were and 
  • Why did Moses run away from Egypt? 
  • Moses’ wife was 
  • Moses was Called while at  
  • Moses feared going back to Egypt because 
  • Why were the Israelites to do the following during the passover night?  a) Eat bitter herbs 
  • Eat while standing 
  • Eat the unleavened bread 
  • ___ helped the Israelites cross the Red sea. 
  • ___ helped the Israelites cross River Jordan 
  • ___ and ___helped Moses put his hand up when he was tired during the fight against the Amelekites. 


Topical questions 4

  1. Prophet ___ announced the birth of Messiah.
  2. Prophet ___ prophesied that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem of Judea. 
  3. At the time Jesus was born, emperor ___ had called for census, 
  4. The gifts which the wise men took to baby Jesus were ____ , _____and ____.
  5. On the 8″ day Jesus was ___ and ___.
  6. When John the Baptist saw Jesus coming to be baptized, he referred to him as ____.
  7. At the age of 12 years, Jesus went to a temple in ___ for the Passover festival. 
  8. During dedication of Jesus, _____and ____ were present. 
  9. Mary and Joseph offered ___ during the dedication of Jesus. 
  10. Jesus was born in ___ but grew up in ___.
  11. What happened when Jesus was born? 
  12. was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. 
  13. When angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharia, what was he doing? 

14, Prophet prophesied that Jesus would be born in the lineage of David. 

  1. prophesied that Jesus would be born of a virgin. 
  2. What was the mission of Jesus according to Isaiah? 
  3. Indicate what each of the following gifts to baby Jesus symbolized. Gold Myrrh Frankincense 
  4. How did Simeon describe Jesus during presentation? 
  5. How did John the Baptist die? 
  6. __ were the first people to visit baby Jesus. 
  7. __wanted to kill baby Jesus. 

Name the names given to Jesus by Isaiah during his prophesy. 


Topical questions 5

  1. List 4 forms of worship. 
  2. ___ is talking to God. 
  3. Jesus fasted for ___ days and ___ nights.
  4. Jesus taught that while fasting, we should ___ and ___ . 
  5. Name two reasons why Christians fast. 
  6. State 3 needy people in our society. 
  7. Name the elements of prayer. 
  8. Name two types of fasting. 
  9. The main reason why missionaries came to Kenya was to 
  10. Name 3 members of the clergy. 
  11. The co-operation of different church denominations in education and healthcare and social work is called 
  12. Name 3 social evils in the society the church should fight against. 
  13. Why should Christians get involved in healthcare? 

List 3 things that Jesus gave disciples power and authority to do. 

17. Who is a refugee? 

The apostles asked believers to choose seven men to be in charge of distributing funds to the widows and orphans while the apostles concentrate on the work of preaching. The seven heipers are also called deacons. Name them. 

25. Who was the head of the seven deacons? 


Topical questions 6 

  1. What is marrage?
  2. Name 2 types of families. 
  3. Which verse in the Bible shows that marriage is permanent? 
  4. The first parents were ___ and ___ 
  5. What is the role of wives in a marriage. 
  6. Name 4 forms of sexual misuse. 
  7. ___ is the head of a family. 


  • Rape 
  • Fornication 
  • Incest 
  • Adultery 
  • Prostitution 
  • What is gambling? 
  • Name two forms of gambling. 
  • List ways through which people can avoid gambling. 

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