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Grade 7 (JSS) Computer Studies Topical Questions and Answers


1. Define the following terms 

  • Computer
  • Computer science 
  • Data 
  • Information
  • Programs 
  • List different types of computers. 
  • What are the characteristics of computers? 
  • Write 3 functions of a computer 
  • Explain these terms in relation to the characteristics of a computer 
  • Versatile 
  • Lack intelligence 
  • GIGO 
  • Automation 

6. Why do computers have different features? 

Write a short essay. Use a word processor to type your essay


  1. Draw an illustration that demonstrates the general model of a computer. 
  2. Explain the following terms in relation to the functions of a computer. 
  3. Input
  4. Processing 
  5. Output 
  6. Differentiate between data and information.
  7. Briefly explain five areas where computers are applied in day to day life. 
  8. Explain this statement. “Raw data may not be meaningful to the user.” 
  9. Briefly describe how computers are applied in Education. 


  1. Why is data processing referred to as a cycle?
  2. Name the first mechanical computer developed in Asia.
  3. List three examples of electronic devices.  
  • Write brief notes on the evolution stages of the following computing devices. 

(a) Slide rule  (b) Laptop. 

(c) La pascaline 

  • State two differences between the Analytical Engine and the Difference Engine. 
  • Describe the characteristics of first generation computers. 
  • Give examples of second generation computers. Write their names in full. 
  • State the technology used by fourth generation computers.


  1. EDVAC and UNIVAC are examples of ___ generation computers.
  2. State the type of technology used by third generation computers. 
  3. (a) What are hybrid computers? 

(b) Give examples of hybrid computers. 

  • Differentiate between a special purpose computer and an embedded computer. 
  • Foods and drinks are not allowed in a computer environment why? 
  • List safety precautions to observe in a computer user environment. 
  • Define the following terms. 
  • Re-use 
  • Re-cycle
  • E-waste

8. Discuss the components of the computer. 


  1. The ability of computer devices to work harmoniously with existing hardware is called
  2. List five example of Input devices.
  3. How does computer system use CPU?
  4. List three examples of output devices  5. Why do computer systems have ports?
  5. State four challenges that people face while setting up a computer system. 
  • What physical threats have you encountered when using computers? 
  • Explain the meaning of UPS. What is its functions? 


  1. Identify the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) 
  2. Mention ways of preventing the occurrence of RSI while working with computers. 
  3. Differentiate between data threat and data security. 
  4. State three ways of controlling computer viruses. 
  5. Explain the following terms in relation to data security. 

(a) Back up 


  • Data logs 
  • PIN
  • Firewall
  • List five examples of online threats. 
  • Give two examples of online safety measures that you should practice.


  1. What are the differences between personal and sensitive data? 
  2. List ways in which theft of online identity can be prevented.

 Grade 7 (JSS) Computer Studies Topical Questions and Answers

  • Why do you post personal information online? 
  • Write the following in full.





  • Differentiate between cabled and WI-Fi computer networks. 
  • What precaution should you observe when using a networked computer? 
  • Explain two challenges that could affect a school computer network
  • How does the Internet connect people around the world? 
  • List examples of online businesses. 


  1. How do you connect to the internet? 
  2. Explain the meaning of the following terms,




    Online services 

  • Identify and list four websites. 
  • Describe how to use a web browser to locate resources in the WWW. 
  • Formulate a URL and identify the parts of the URL
  • What is a computer program? 
  • State the steps of launching notepad? 


  1. Find out which accessories programs are in your computer : 
  2. Explain the following terms. 
  3. Programming
  4. Program 
  5. Computer program 
  6. Programmer 
  7. List three examples of visual programming languages. 
  8. Outline the procedure for launching a programming language that you have practised. 
  9. How do you create sound with features of visual programming language? 
  10. Discuss the characteristics of personal and sensitive data. 
  11. List examples of online threats. 


  1. List safety precautions to observe in a computer user. 
  2. Explain the dangers of having too Much light In a computer user environment 
  3. Briefly explain how different types of computers are used. 
  4. What are special purpose computers?
  5. List types of micro-computers?
  6. Explain steps of setting up a computer.
  7. Discuss the meaning of the following keyword. 




  • What are physical components of computers?

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