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Task 1

1. Write the meaning of the following words 

  1. Social studies 
  2. Stereotype 
  3. Career 
  4. Gender 
  5. Write two ways how gender Stereotype related to career choice and entrepreneur opportunities can be addressed. 
  6. Identify 3 ways in which studies can promote social cohesion in the society.
  7. State down some of the career and entrepreneur activities in the box below  Career                     Entrepreneur  activities                    activities

  • Explain two importance of social studies for personal development.
  • Explain two importance of social studies for the service of humanities. 
  • Identify appropriate ways of addressing gender stereotype in relation to social studies. 


Task 2

  1. Name the following weather instruments 
  1. Describe factors to consider when siting a weather station.
  2. Describe how you can make an improvised wind vane. 
  3. Name 3 significance of weather to human beings. 
  4. Highlight the elements of weather In the environment. 
  5. Define the following words 
  6. Rotation of the earth.
  7. Revolution of the earth 
  8. What position ts the earth in the solar system? 
  9. Name all the planets found in the solar system. 
  10. Draw, color, name and explain the 3 layers found in the internal structure of the earth.
  11. What causes day and night?
  12. Describe in details the shape of the earth 
  13. Explain how the earth originated according to the passing Star theory. 
  14. Differentiate between an atlas map and a Sketch map. 
  15. Give two differences between a map and a picture.
  16. Differentiate between longitudes and latitudes
  17. Name countries that have been shaded from the map below that make Africa 
  1. Outline three importance of a map in today’s life 
  2. Highlight the three types of a map.
  3. Highlight three sources of unwritten information. 
  4. Distinguish between primary and secondary sources of information.  
  5. Name two ways you can preserve sources of historical information. 
  6. Give two significance of the historical information 

Grade 7 (JSS) Social Studies Topical Revision Questions and Answe


Task 3

1. Explain the following forms of slavery  

  1. slaves for sacrifice 
  2. Local slave trade 
  3. Captives of war 
  4. Forced marriages 
  5. Domestic servitude 
  6. Describe three factors that led to the development of the Indian ocean Slave trade. 
  7. Outline how human dignity can be promoted. 4. Explain the following meaning 
  8. Slavery
  9. Population distribution 
  10. Peace 
  11. Cradle 
  12. Diversity 
  13. Inclusion 
  14. Describe the human origin among the Zulu Community 
  15. Explain three factors that proves that Africa is the Cradle of Human being 
  16. What factors led to the growth of the Ancient Egypt. Give explanations 
  17. Describe the social organizations among the Asante community.
  18. Name four desirable personal attributes in & multicultural society 
  19. What are the causes of conflict in our schools? 
  20. Explain ways on how you will promote peace at our homes 
  21. Name three types of settlement patterns in Africa.
  22. Identify 4 importance of conducting field work study.
  23. Discuss the challenges experienced during fieldwork.


Task 4

1. Define the following words

  1. Resources
  2. Economic activities
  3. Agriculture
  4. Outline some of the animals kept and crops grown in Ancient Egypt
  5. Name and describe the 2 methods of irrigation used in Ancient Egypt
  6. Describe the economic activities practised by the Ogiek community
  7. Explain the term hunters and gatherers
  8. Highlight three transformation brought by the introduction of money in Africa.
  9. Explain how you will use the following resources sustainably.
  10. Water
  11. Soil
  12. Forest
  13. Electricity


Task 5

1. Explain the political organization among the

  1. Ogiek community
  2. Zulu community
  3. Asante community
  4. What does the word scramble mean?
  5. Describe the following various European groups that came to Africa
  6. European explorers
  7. European Missionaries
  8. European traders
  9. Explain factors that led to the presence of Europeans in Africa
  10. Outline countries which were colonized by Italy
  11. State 2 importance of the constitution of Kenya
  12. Explain what democracy means
  13. Describe the parliamentary Democracy practised in Kenya
  14. What is the importance of democracy in the society?
  15. Identify the characteristics of the following types of democracy
  16. Liberal democracy
  17. Representative democracy
  18. Parliamentary Democracy
  19. Presidential democracy
  20. Describe the social, economic and cultural rights of a human being
  21. What does the word Diaspora mean?
  22. State positive effects of globalization
  23. What are the qualities of a global citizen in the modern society?
  24. Describe 5 challenges of OAU as an organization
  25. Explain 5 achievements of AU organization

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