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2.0 Domestic Animals

  • Domestic animals are the animals that are kept at home. They include cow, donkey, chicken, duck, horse, rabbit, cat, dog etc. 
  • Domestic animals are important to human life because:
    • They provide, meat for food, milk,  o security, eggs,  o manual Labour and  o May be sold to generate income. 
    • Some animals like cows, donkey, horses and rabbits produce wastes to make manure. 

Animal welfare

  • Domestic animals are of great use to us. They should be treated well and showed love. 
  • To care for domestic animals,  o They should be kept clean and  o Given medication for good production. 
    • Food and water should be provide pastes and 
    • Parasites should be controlled and treated to ensure good health among domestic animals. 
    • Water should be given to them and  o They should be protected from extreme temperatures.

Uses of animals


  • Its kept for beauty
  • Provide safety against rats at home


  • Provides meat
  • Kept for beauty at home


  • Provides security at home
  • Used for transport
  • Provides companionship


  • Sold to give us money
  • Provides pork and bacon


  • Is a source of food


 Used for transport  Provides milk.


  • Used for sports
  • Used for riding
  • Used during war


  • Provides labour when ploughing land
  • Used for transporting goods and people
  • Provides fur


  • Gives us honey
  • Pollinate our fruit crops
  • All domestic animals are important to us. Some domestic animals provide beauty at home, others provide security while others provide us various food products such as meat, milk and honey.
  • Some domestic animals also provide us with transport.
  • Various communities in Kenya use some of the domestic animals during cultural ceremonies e.g. the Somali community use camels as payment for dowry during marriage ceremonies.
  • We should therefore love and take care of all the domestic animals. We should also encourage other people to treat them well.

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