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Small Kitchen Equipment Notes Grade 5


Importance of a well equipped kitchen, it helps save energy, time and money.

 Classes of kitchen equipment



 Large kitchen equipment


  1. deep freezer,
  2. refrigerators,
  3. cookers,
  4. microwave ovens
  5. food processors and other appliances.

 Cookers and cooking facilities


  1. Electric cookers,
  2. Gas cookers,
  3. Charcoal jikos,
  4. Oil stoves and traditional three stones.
  5. Electric cooker

Choice of cooking facilities

  1. Should have any mechanical defects,
  2. Should be bought from reliable dealers and installed by qualified persons
  3. Clean,
  4. Easy to operate

 Disadvantages of cookers

  1. can’t be used in absence of electricity,
  2. expensive,
  3. risky if not carefully used.


  1. colour should rhyme with colour scheme,
  2. should have an attractive and durable finish that is smooth and easy to clean,
  3. easy to control mobs,
  4. should enable one to use different methods of cooking e.g baking, grilling and surface cooking,

Use and care of gas/electric cookers

  1. wiping cooker using a cloth wrung out of warm soapy water (use a mild abrasive

e.g vim for stubborn stains),

  • avoid pouring cold water on coils/elements while they are hot because a sudden drop in temperature can crack them,
  • to avoid fuel wastage, flat pans that fit to be used.

 Advantages of a gas cooker

  1. can be used anywhere,
  2. it is quick to use,
  3. clean in use,
  4. it is locally and readily available.

 Disadvantages of a gas cooker

  1. needs a lot of attention,
  2. can be a source of fire if not used carefully,
  3. has no gas gauge,
  4. embarrassing when one has no extra cylinder if gas is finished when cooking.

Charcoal jiko

 use charcoal, plant and animal waste e.g coffee husks, saw dust, cowdung etc.

 Use and care of charcoal jiko

avoid too much charcoal because it prevents combustion, wiping and oiling frequently if it is a material that rusts, avoid using it in a non ventilated room because it releases CO2 that is poisonous.

putting charcoal off if not easy,

emptying ashes, screen off cooking place with a large house for safety.

 Advantages of charcoal jiko

  1. used anywhere,
  2. it is a bit cheap,
  3. can be used in doors/outdoors.

Disadvantages of charcoal jiko

  1. messy if not well used,
  2. a lot of attention needed,
  3. if not a ventilated room, gas produced can cause suffocation / death.
  4. Three stoned cooking faulty

Advantages of Charcoal Jiko

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Disadvantages of Charcoal Jiko

leads to desertification because of cutting down trees, needs a lot of attention, slower than gas and electric cookers, needs a lot of storage space because it is bulky, produces a lot of smoke of wet,

messy and sooty, food can be smoky in taste and smell.

Types of Oil/Paraffin Stoves

  1. one burner,
  2. two burner,
  3. four burner 4. pressure stove.

Advantages of Oil/Paraffin Stoves

they need little paraffin it is locally and readily available,  it is cheap and easy to carry, are clean if well used

Disadvantages of Oil/Paraffin Stoves

  1. can be very dangerous.
  2. are noisy
  3. paraffin catches fire easily,
  4. paraffin is smelly (and can get into food) because of unburnt oil,
  5. smoky if dirty wicks are used so should be cleaned frequently.

 Care of paraffin stoves

clean wicks frequently, trimming tops,

cleaning the stove with a cloth wrung out of warm soapy water, cleaning chimney, holder and burner with old newspaper, tissue paper and soft paper, ensuring all holes have wicks, cleaning framework, drying of stove properly, ensuring the stove has oil otherwise it can rust.

How to choose a refrigerator

suit the space available, should suit the family size, internal storage arrangement, size of frozen food compartment,

repair expert and spare parts should be available, should be durable,

consider fuel available, if its gas buy one operated by gas if electricity but one generated by electricity, consider the cost.

 Small electric kitchen equipmen


Toasters, food mixers, blenders sandwich – makers coffee maker, microwave ovens

 Kitchen factory/food processo

 it is an appliance that makes food preparation easy, faster, and enjoyable. Can have a number of attachments fitted e.g potato peeler, blender, juicer, mixer, slicer can be for mixing flour mixtures, whisk cream, mince, make juices etc.,

Choice, use and care of kitchen factor

 electricity should be available, size should suit the work, should be one that is affordable, workmanship should be good

 Care and cleaning of food processor

put off after use,

don’t run it when it has no food, avoid overloading blender, slicer and mixer, wipe off spills immediately, follow manufacture’s instructors, clean according to material, avoid wetting motor and wiring, serving frequently.

 Automatic rice cooler

its like a sauce pan built in hot plate,

2nd bowl fits inside and it fitted with tight fitting lid, outer part made of enamel inner part aluminium,

 choice, use and care of an automatic rice  Cooler

size should be suitable, should to clean,

Using automatic rice cooler

Using:measure rice (pick and wash), put rice and water in the pan,

put the pan in the outer container, put the lid, plug the cable into socket, switch on by firming cooler, it switches itself off when rice is ready.


  • hot button should be kept on,
  • lid to be carefully removed for condensed water.

 Sandwich maker

  1. it is sealing sandwich for cracks,
  2. uses electricity,
  3. has a cover and bottom part.
  4. Sandwich are toasted and cut automatic
  5. Sandwich take 2/3 minutes

 Cleaning and care of sandwich makers.

Cleaning inside after use with a clean cloth when warm.

Avoid washing it.

Wipe with damp cloth wrung out of soapy water and rinse well if very dirty. Outside to be cleaned depending on the material.

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Electric toaster

  1. vertical type is common,
  2. toasts one/two slices,
  3. when ready slices pop up and toaster switches off.


Toasted bread is better because starch is converted to textrim that is easier to digest. It has a temperature indicator low, medium and high for different browning. Avoid sharp instruments when it on because they may spoil it/cause shock.

  Electric kettle

1. have an automatic cut out that makes kettle not dry, 2. made of aluminium, stainless steel or chrome plate,

3. base has electric element that heat water.

Choice and Care of  Electric kettle

 choice and care:-

  1. buy what is affordable,
  2. avoiding putting on when it is dry,
  3. not placing on a hot plate,
  4. cleaning the inside frequently with a cloth wrung out, 5. cleaning outside according to material,

6. not dipping it in water.

 Waffle make

  1. for making pancakes,
  2. takes 2-3 minutes,
  3. inside has reflon finish, outside one is stainless steel,

Get free Grade 5 Revision Exams In All Subjects

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