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SITTING ROOM (Daily cleaning of sitting (living) room)

  1. close windows,
  2. shake floor mats and cushions outside house,
  3. remove waste baskets,
  4. sweep floor and brush carpet/use carpet cleaner,
  5. dust furniture and collect dust in dustpan,
  6. tidy and arrange room then open windows, 7. arrange mats and cushions,

8. arrange flowers if present.

Weekly cleaning of sitting room

  1. open windows to air the room,
  2. collect equipment and materials,
  3. move furniture to the centre/out if weather is good,
  4. collect ornaments on a tray,
  5. close windows to prevent dust blowing back to clean parts,
  6. dust ceiling and walls using ceiling brush attention to corners,
  7. clean fire place,
  8. sweep floor methodically and dispose dust,
  9. dust all surfaces and polish the ones that need polishing,
  10. open windows and clean them according to type,
  11. clean wooden surfaces and polish,
  12. clean floor according to type and remove stains

 Occasional cleaning of sitting room

  1. put out cushions, rugs and mats to air,
  2. sweep down ceilings and walls – remove cobwebs with a long handled broom,
  3. sweep room and clean floor according to type,
  4. clean skirting board,
  5. dust furniture according to its type,
  6. clean carpet, rugs and mats thoroughly using a carpet sweeper,
  7. wash floor and polish when dry,
  8. replace everything to its right place,
  9. change chair covers, cushion covers and curtain if need be.

 Cleaning dining room

Refer to sitting room

Pay attention to Dining table, table cloth and floor around the table.

 BEDROOM Cleaning of the bedroom (Daily cleaning of bedroom)

open all windows to ventilate, strip bed, place beddings on a stool to air the bed, put mats and floor rugs outside, shake them, sweep floor attention to the area under the bed, remove all objects from dressing table and other surfaces, dust furniture, ornament and skirting board, make the bed:

cover mattress – use a thin cloth/thin under blanket, place bedsheet W.S down tuck in firmly all round, place top W.S up and tuck it, place top blanket tuck it, fold blanket and top sheet to back,

shake pillows well place on top of bed, open slides away from the door, place bedcover don’t tuck and let it not touch the ground, open window.

 Weekly cleaning of bedroom

  1. open window to air the room,
  2. change sheets once a week,
  3. strip bed take beddings out,
  4. clean bed with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water,
  5. rinse with a cloth wrung from warm water twice finally from cold,
  6. attend to ceiling and walls,
  7. make the bed with clean beddings,
  8. clean the room as for daily cleaning

 Occasional cleaning of the bedroom

bed room should be completely turned out and cleaned occasionally.


  1. strip the bed
  2. put pillows on the sun to air,
  3. brush mattress, put out on sun to air
  4. wash mosquito net if necessary and also curtains,
  5. clean beds frame with a damp cloth wrung out of warm soapy water and rinse well,
  6. clean wardrobes, chest of drawers and cupboards, 7. change pillowcases and sheets, 8. clean like for daily cleaning.


(i) Give bedrooms for guests and sick special care so that they are comfortable, (ii) Use warm soapy water having a disinfectant to clean the bad floor and water.

(iii) Use warm soapy water having a disinfectant to clean the bad floor and walls.

 KITCHEN Daily cleaning of the kitchen

Ventilate in the morning, Sweep the floor while windows are closed so that dust doesn’t rise, Clean the sink,

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Empty the bin and wash it,

Clean cooker with a damp cloth wrung out of warm soapy water, Clean work tables,

Clean floor with warm soapy water attend to stains, Wipe floor with cloth wrung from soapy warm water, Change kitchen clothes.

 Weekly cleaning of kitchen

  1. Pay much attention to kitchen surfaces,
  2. Clean cooker both top and sides using warm water, clean inside too and rinse well then dry,
  3. Defrost and clean fridge, remove all unwanted foods,
  4. Clean sink and dustbin,
  5. Ventilate room,
  6. Empty and clean waste bin with disinfectant,
  7. Clean windows and sink,
  8. Clean all cupboards and drawers and line them,
  9. Sweep floor, open windows to bring in fresh air,
  10. Clean floor with warm soapy water,
  11. Remove all stains, rinse and dry well

 Special cleaning of kitchen

  1. Ventilate room,
  2. Empty cupboards and drawers, remove all unwanted items,
  3. Clean storage containers,
  4. Wash curtains,
  5. Dust ceilings and walls,
  6. Close windows so that dust doesn’t rise and sweep,
  7. Clean wall with warm soapy water and damp cloth, remove all stains,
  8. Rinse using a cloth wrung from warm water finally cold,
  9. Clean windows and floor thoroughly depending on type and rinse well and dry with a dry cloth.


Daily cleaning of the bathroom:

  1. Ventilate the room,
  2. Pour away all used water,
  3. Wipe shower curtains to remove traces of soap,
  4. Clean mirror use a plain duster,
  5. Clean floor with warm soapy water and rug, 6. Rinse well using warm water and clean rug,

7. Dry using dry duster.

 Weekly cleaning of bathroom:

  1. Open windows,
  2. Remove dirty water, bath towels and face towels and clean,
  3. Clean bathtubs, hand basin use a good cleaning agent,
  4. Clean walls with soapy warm water having a disinfectant,
  5. Rinse and dry,
  6. Clean mirrors and windows,
  7. Clean shower curtains so as to remove splashes of water,
  8. Clean taps and towel rail,
  9. Scrub floor and clean rest of bathroom thoroughly,
  10. Rinse well and dry

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 Occasional cleaning of the bathroom

  1. Open windows,
  2. Clean and polish bath tub/basin if they have brass taps, chrome, aluminum etc.,
  3. Clean walls depending on type,
  4. Clean bathroom as for daily cleaning,
  5. Replace mats with clean ones,
  6. Put out clean towels

 TOILET Daily cleaning of toilet

  1. Cleaned together with bathroom if on the same room,
  2. Ventilate toilet,
  3. Flush and clean bowl using a toilet,
  4. Brush and an appropriate cleaning agent,
  5. Rinse brush in warm soapy water having a disinfectant,
  6. Rinse the bowl and flush again,
  7. Wipe seat, cover bowl with a damp cloth wrung in soapy water having a disinfectant. Wipe also flush handle.
  8. Clean floor depending on type wash with warm soapy water having disinfectant if ceramic/plastic tiles,
  9. Change towel,
  10. Rinse and wipe dry use a dry duster,
  11. Clean cloths and dry them,
  12. Put toilet paper if needed,
  13. Use air fresher


  1. Normally far from the house,
  2. Clean and disinfect everyday,
  3. Give great care around opening,
  4. Sprinkle water on couther floor that is disinfectant and sweep,
  5. Cemented ones should be scrubbed with soapy warm water that has a disinfectant and rinsed well,
  6. Opening should be sprinkled with soil/ashes.

Refer to daily cleaning


  1. Smoke latrine occasionally by burning twigs to fumigate
  2. Pouring ashes around latrine

Bath shelter Daily cleaning

Keep step clean and dry

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