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Copy the following sentences and underline the nouns indicate whether its common or proper 

  1. Kizito is the driver who got a job in Europe 
  • River Nile is the longest river in Africa 
  • She lives at Nguriunditu in Kiambu county 
  • Alex was late for lunch 
  • Many patients died at the hospital when the doctors went on strike 



Write the plural of the underlined Words 

  1. She damaged our radio.
  2. Did you see the beautiful butterfly ?
  3. The sailors loaded the cargo onto the Ship, 
  4. The library should be repaired. 
  5. Sally took a clear photo of the lion. 
  6. A colony was ruled badly. 
  7. People sat quietly on the bench outside the church.
  8. A child was rescued from the burning house. 
  9. You may find curio in the box. 

10.Our family lives near a factory . 

11.A woman got and injury. 

12.A dynamo is placed near the hero. 

13.The old lady tells good story. 

14.The police officer interrogated a passer – by. 

15.My hobby is reading fairy tales. 


 Punctuate the following sentences 

i. I should like to visit Lagos one day  ii. David is going to the USA because he has got a scholarship to study at Harvard university  iii. Where have you been I have not seen you for ages  iv. What an attractive watch it is 

  • Stay where you are can’t you see the snake living on the road ahead of you. 
  • They have done all their English language exercises haven’t they  vii. Hurray weve won the match  viii. In that year labour day will be on a Monday  ix. The meeting was addressed by Mrs. k

 x. Arnold used to play hockey football tennis and badminton. 



Read the passage below 

Health eating is a fundamental practice that must be followed by every human being. Healthy eating is eating balanced diet. A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts ang fibre. These nutrients must be in correct proportions. 

Carbohydrates are energy giving food. They include starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, yams, bread and ugali. In the digestion of carbohydrates, starch is turned into glucose. Glucose is Circulated in the body through the blood to provide energy. 

Proteins are foods that provide materials for growth and repair. Some examples of proteins are fish, beef, chicken, milk, beans and green grams. When proteins is digested they are turned into amino. acids. These acids are absorbed into the body through blood. 

Fats like carbohydrates are also used as a source of energy. Fats are stored under the skin as they help to keep the body warm against cold. 

Vitamins are of various categories. They are required in small quantities. Vitamin A is good for the eyes. Vitamin Bs are responsible for various functions, Vitamin C is for growth, health body tissue, wound repair and efficient immune system. Vitamin D is useful in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin E and K maintain a healthy heart and help in clotting of blood respectively. 

Fibre is also called roughage. It helps in digestion of food. A balanced diet is therefore important since no single food contains all the nutrients required by the body. This way, one remain healthy and does not fall sick. 

  • What is a balanced diet? 
  • What are the component of a balance diet  (iii) Explain how each of the following helps the body
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Fibre
  • Fats



Fill in the table below with the correct verbs

Present tense                     past tense                       past participle

Sink                                   ————–                     ——————–

Advise                               ————–                      ——————-

—————-                             got                           ——————-

—————–                  —————-                               read 

Swear                               —————-                    ——————– —————–                  —————-                             hanged  lay                                   —————-                    ——————– Lie                                  —————–                    ——————–

——————-              ——————                                lost 

Wet                                ——————-                   ——————–


Indicate the tense in the following sentences

  1. I drink tea 
  2. We shall visit my grandparents 
  3. They walked for a long distance 
  4. She presented the dance well 
  5. We shall join high school soon 
  6. She likes making noise 



Read the passage below and answer questions that follow 

Once upon a time there lived a very powerful King called Opepo. He did not have a wife. One day while he was walking around his kingdom, he saw a very beautiful woman called Nyako and decided to marry her. The next day, he went to her home and asked her father for her hand in marriage. Her father agreed without any reservations. 

When Nyako heard about this, she was unhappy. She was afraid of the king and did not like him. King Opepo organized the wedding without finding out how Nyako felt about him. 

On the eve of the wedding Nyako called one of the king’s servants and told that she disliked the king and didn’t want to marry him. She did not know what to-do. Nyako told the servant that she would prefer marrying him to wedding the king. The servant made a plan to escape. That night, Nyako and the servant ran away from the kingdom. When the king woke up in the morning, hid bride – to -be was missing and so on of his servants. 

Feeling betrayed, king Opepo called all other servants and asked them to look for Nyako and the missing servant. The king’s servants found them sleeping under a tree in the neighbouring kingdom. They were tired after having walked all night. The servants took them to king Opepo. 

The king asked Nyako why she had run away with his servant. She told him that she did not want to be his wife but she was afraid to tell him. The king was disappointed but did not punish them. He let go of Nyako and told her she was free to marry an man she liked. King Opepo told the servant that next time he had a problem, he should tell him instead of running away. Later the king found someone else who wanted to marry him. They later got two sons and three daughters. Nyako also met a man she loved and married him. 

  1. according to paragraph one, the king was 

(feeble. strong, Weary, wealthy) 

  • The following can be used to describe Nyako, except 

A. Hideous B. Pretty C. Attractive D. Beautiful 

  • Which mistake did the king make?
  • “On the eve of the wedding” means 
  • What was Nyako’s emotions towards the king? 
  • Nyako and the servant ran away to get married. The best word to describe this act is ; 
  • At what time did Nyako and the servant escape? 
  • Why were Nyako and the servant sleeping under a tree? 
  • How many children did the king eventually get? 

10.Give three adjectives that can be used to describe king Opepo.


Fill in the gaps with the correct past simple tense form of the verbs in brackets 

  1. Where ___ she go? (do) 
  2. You were to ___ it on. (put) 
  3. He ___ out of bed like a ___ lion. (spring, wound) 
  4. Peter ___ how to ride a bicycle when he ___ to visit us last vacation. (come, learn) 



Give the opposite of the following words Familiar 






Depth — 





Write a word that is similar in meaning to the one underlined 

  1. Allen confessed that he stole the book 
  1. Mountain climbing is a dan-erous Sport ili, The fox is a sly animal 
  1. | was so happy to see my grandmother 

that | ran to embrace her 

  • Maria’s behavior has not been the best.



 Read the following story about Peter’s family 

Peter is ten years old and lives with his family in a small house near the beach. There are five people in

Peter’s family. His mother’s name is pam. She is tall with long blonde hair and big green eyes. His father’s name is Chris, He is also tall with short brown hair and small blue eyes. Both Peter’s parents are kind and helpful. Peter has one brother, Tom. Tom is older than Peter, he is twelve years old. Tom has a short curl hair and small brown eyes. Tom is kind to Peter. He shows him how to ride a bicycle and also helps him with homework. 

Peter’s sister is only a baby. Her name is Tammie. Peter loves his sister. After school Peter reads stories for Tammie. Tammie likes animal for stories because Peter makes funny voices and faces of each animal. 


Give the antonyms of the underlined words. 


Choose the correct adjective from the bracket

  • My nose is ___ than yours.

(little, smaller)

  • | got the ___ marks in the test. (least, less)
  • These are the ___ news I have heard this year. (bad, worst) 
  • His Kiswahili is ___ than mine. (better, best) 

(v)Do not give him any _ information. (farther, further) 



2. Reading


Drug and drug abuse 

Drug abuse is the harmful use of substances that destroy one’s health. Such drugs include cocaine, hanish, marijuana, opium and steroids. These drugs have various slang names. For example Marijuana is also known as dope, grag or weed. Opium is also called Big O or Black stuff. 

A person who abuses drugs develops some physical signs. These include bloodshot eyes quick loss of weight and dirty appearance. Other signs are in their behavior–For example they-become depressed and stay away from their family members. Some take to stealing money and other items so as to continue buying the drugs. 

Many young people begin taking drugs for various reasons. Some take drugs out of a peer pressure. This means that they do it because their friends are doing it. So the only way to keep the friendship rule is by joining them while some say if you can’t beat them join them, others say “everybody is doing it”. Other young people have become drug addicts after they took just a little out of curiosity. Therefore, what started off as an experience to find out how it feels to take drugs ends up trapping such a person. Some teenager say that life is very difficult. 

Therefore, as a way of showing their frustration or unhappiness, they take drugs to feel happy. 

Other teenagers are angry with their parents. They feel that their parents are controlling them too much and yet they are grown up and can make their own decisions. So, as a way of rebelling against them they take drugs. Parents go through a difficult time trying to cope with this issue. 

Some young people began taking drugs after they were cheated by their friends. Rahab narrates how she started taking drugs when her friends gave her some sweets that had been mixed with Marijuana. It took her six months to discover that what she had been taking were drugs. 

Fighting drug abuse is the responsibility of every member of the society. Young people in school are encouraged to talk to one another about the harmful effects of drug abuse. This is called peer-to-peer counselling. They can also start clubs in schools that can help fight the problem. Every young person is a future leader and has a bright and promising future. Therefore, staying out of drugs means a longer life. 


  1. Which are the physical signs of a drug user according to the passage 
  2. Discuss the factors that lead to young people taking drugs 
  3. How can grade 7 students help fight drug abuse in the society? 


Use of adverb in the bracket correct! to fill in the gap 

  1. I was __ running when I tripped and fell. (quick) 
  • My knee was ___hurt. (bad) 
  • I will ___ watch the match. (certain) 
  • We ___ add weight. (gradual) 
  • The house was __ decorated.. (beautiful) 


Identify the adverbs of time in the given sentences

 i. The police will be here soon ii.  Karen will be travelling to Naivasha next week  iii. The funeral will be held on Monday  iv. We shall be joining high school next year 

v. Lately the train has been arriving late. 


Identify the adverbs of place in the given sentences

  • Mice celebrate when the cat is away 
  • Does the community fetch water downstream
  • Our village is very far from the school
  • I am not going anywhere this weekend
  • Anto kept the book under the shelves 



Use the pronouns given in the bracket correctly 

  • (who, whom) wrote the essay? 
  • She needs someone to help. (her, herself) 
  • The new head prefect will be either (he, him) or (I, me) 
  • The Wairi’s gave (we, us) a lift to Nakuru 
  • (who, whom) was Charles Dickens? 
  • Mark told (she, her) and (me, i) an interesting story. 
  • The headteacher sent Ken and (me, |, myself) to the office. 
  • They want (us, we) girls to sing for the Rotary club. 
  • Just between you and (me, I) his case is past remedy. 
  • You and (i, me) should join the drama club 



Use the correct prepositions to fill in the gaps

  • Bible was translated from Hebrew _ Greek. 
  • He boasts _ his victory. 
  • They were told to part _ two hundred shillings for the interview. 
  • The pupils complained _ poor diet. 
  • The class was told to share the papers ___ themselves. 
  • Shirah travelled to the city in pursuit __ a well paying job. 
  • The workers were not contented __ their pay. 
  • It was kind __ you to allow me stay in your house for a week. 
  • He leaned __ the wall. 

(x)Michael’s success was inspired ___ his audacity of hope. 



Use ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’ to fill in the gaps 

  1. I aimed at the goal _ the goalkeeper punched the ball out. 
  2. I was impressed by his response __ Idid not offer him the job.
  3. Either the teacher __ the pupil has the answer sheets.  
  4. She is kind __ humble. 
  5. I worked hard __ I got poor results. 
  6. You can buy a story book __ a dictionary. 7. You can make a call ___ send a text. 
  7. We shall sing __ dance at the party. 
  8. It was raining heavily __ she opted to go home. 

10.You can either go by bus __ a matatu. 



Use a, an or the to fill in the spaces where necessary 

  • Marietta is brightest pupil in __ class eight Lily. 
  • __ Kenya Polytechnic is __ best Polytechnic in our country. 

(iii)___ rich must help __ poor. 

  • ___ family of five perished in ___ accident this morning. 
  • __ assortment of balls was donated by ___ visitor. 
  • ___ children had meat stew and ___ ugali for lunch. 

(vii)___ purse that I picked had money, ___ credit card and ___ identity card. 

(viii)He ate __ dozen eggs with ___ chapati.

  • __ eye of __ ostrich is bigger than its brain. 
  • Dr Kofi is __ honourable man: he is regarded with great honour. 



What adjectives do we get from the following nouns 

i. Cost 

i. Adventure 

  1. Worth 
  1. Boy 
  • Nature 

Vi. Mystery 

Vii. Quarrer 

Viii. Sorrow 

  1. Habit 
  • Malice 
  • Spirit 
  • Glory 
  • Mischief 


What is the synonym of the following Words 

i. Dear ii. Aid iii. Beg  iv. Cease 

v. Hate  vi. Mad  vii. Feeble  viii. Edible  ix. Attire 

x. Annually 


Give the antonyms of the following words 

i. Accept  ii. Admit  iii.Amateur  iv. Interesting

v. Former  vi. Conceal  vii. Private  viii. Inhale  ix. Familiar 

x. Bless 

Write the following numbers in words









intensive reading :Comprehension strategies 

An accident is an event that happens unexpectedly and causes damage and injury. In Kenya one type of accident that has, caused extensive loss of human life is road accident. A road accident is one that takes place on the road involving a vehicle and another vehicle, or a vehicle and a pedestrian. 

Road accidents can be put in various categories. The vehicles – vehicle accidents is one that involves two or more vehicles. There is also the single vehicle accident. In this type of accident, a single vehicle is involved. Such a vehicle may roll or crash against embankments, houses of trees. Another type of road accident is the vehicle — animal accident that involves a vehicle and an animal walking on or crossing the road. There are also the cycle —pedestrian accident that is an accident involving a cyclist and a person walking on foot. Finally, there is vehicle and a railway train. 

It is important to note that road accidents could also be grouped in terms of the effects of the injuries received by the accident victims. This grouping includes fatal accidents where death occuls. Serious injury accident in which the victims are badly injured; slight injury accidents that involve minor injuries and non-injury accident. 

Although accidents are said to happen unexpectedly, most of them arise from human etl These include driver — related errors, passenger related errors, mechanical defects and nature of ths roads. Driver — related errors, mechanical defects and nature of the roads. Driver-related errors include carelessness, stress, drunkenness, drugs, over speeding, poor observation of traffic signs and regulations, inexperience, driving unroadworthy vehicles and bad attitude towards other users, On the passengers’ side, the errors include overcrowding, overloading, alighting from and boarding of moving vehicles, smoking and other inappropriate behavior.

There are also cases where passengers distract the drivers attention, gail to use safety belt, stand in the vehicle or fiddle with vehicle controls.

 Manufactures create mechanical defects, especially where some vehicle parts are missing or have mechanical problems. This occurs when it is not properly checked and tested before being relased for use by the Public. Meanwhile road-related causes include such factors as potholes, poor engineering, blind curves, narrow roads and bridges. 

The above cases are not the only causes of road accidents. The media has reported accidents that result trom children throwing stones at motorists. Leaving stones, logs and other obstructions on road, especially after an accident is another dangerous action. Finally it is not wise to leave or put a nail on the road. If it punctures the wheels of a speeding vehicle, an accident will surely occur.

i. List the categories of road accidents  ii. Which are the human – related errors that can cause accidents  iii. How do you think, we can prevent road accidents 


Search for the meaning of the following idioms 

i. Bitting off more than you can chew  ii. Own up to something  iii. Having alot on your plate  iv. Call it a day 

v. Piece of cake  vi. Hold your tongue vii. Roll up-the sleeves viii. Foot the bill  ix. Throw dust at someone 

x. Build castles in the air 



Read the passage below and answer question that follow 

The long awaited event in our school was finally here. The excitement among the pupils was palpable. It was the day of the finals in the county football. It was between our school and our arch-rivals, Simba Academy. 

Our school was determined to beat Simba Academy and scoop the trophy and make history. Five minutes before four, we walked onto the field. Everybody took their respective positions. Our Captain lifted his hand to signal that we were ready. The tossing of the coin had already been done. On the stroke of four, the referee blew the whistle and the match kicked off. Simba Academy really gave us a run for our money in the first half. Our defenders stood up to the task of keeping the ball out of our goalkeepers reach. In the thirteenth minute, our stricker, Oti, dribbled past two defenders and looped the ball over the goal keeper to give us our first goal. Our fans went wild with cheers. 

The referee blew the whistle for halftime. Our coach gave us a pep talk and encouraged us to keep up with the good performance. We went back to the field feeling rejuvenated. We were determined to score more goals in the second half.

Simba began pressing harder in order to get a goal. In the forty-nineth minutes, there was a goal when one of our defenders tapped the ball into his own goal giving Simba an equalizer. Their efforts had finally paid off. Minutes later they scored another goal and took the lead. 

We began to lose hope. Frustration started setting in because we began to play badly committing fouls every now and then. In the sixty nineth minute out own good form play maker was introduced and effectively titled the game in our favour. He missed several chances though. He finally scored a goal and the match ended at a draw.

Penalties were taken and our team won. I could not believe I had scored the winning penalty. We won the most coveted prize for the first time ever. For sure every dog has its day. 

  1. Who are competing in the match? 
  2. When did the game begin?
  3. Had the writers team won before? Why? 
  4. When were the scores made? 
  5. What lesson do we learn from the passage? 


Choose the correct verb from the brackets to complete the following sentence 

  • Gymnastics ___ part of the curriculum in our school. (is, are) 
  • Apple pie and custard ___ my brother’s favourite dish. (is, are) 
  • One of the pupils in our class ___ a car. (own, owns) 
  • The pupils sitting at the back of the hall ___ not hear the speaker.  (do, does) 
  • Either Nyokabi or her parents ___ to collect the certificate yesterday. (was, were) 
  • There ___ a lot of pupils who will buy only test papers. (is, are) 
  • Neither the soldiers nor the sellers ___ on duty. (was, were} 
  • Two months ___ a long time to spend in hospital. (is, are) 
  • Neither Lydia nor her friends ___ invited to the Party. (Was, were) 
  • One of the books which we bought yesterday ___ missing. (is, are) 

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