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Different Rooms and Their Functions

Living (sitting) room

it’s a meeting place for family members and largest in the house, for relaxation and for social activities like entertaining, listening to music, games and eating, furniture and furnishing should provide maximum comfort and atmosphere that gives complete relaxation.

NB:it should be easily accessible from all rooms and should have a back door if possible for privacy of other rooms, if possible let it have activity areas where different activities can be done without interference.

 The dinning room

it is for eating, smaller than sitting room, have furniture and chairs for family members,

may have a cupboard/sideboard, some times in absence of a dinning hall one end of a living room/area of kitchen is used,


(a) should be next to kitchen/directly joined to the kitchen, (b) should have a window/hatch to allow easy serving of meals.

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for sleeping/resting,


  1. should be located in a way which offers comfort and relaxation,
  2. should be in a quiet part of house,
  3. adequately furnished e.g should have a bed bedside table, dressing table and wardrobe.

 The kitchen

for food preparation, preservation, cooking and storage, acts as a serving area, serves as a dinning room and can be for laundry.


Should be located in a place naturally and artificially lit.

Should be near the dinning room and living rooms, near food store and back door.

The food store

for storage of non-perishable food though a house may have a fridge/cupboard for this. NB: should be near kitchen


Has a bathroom and toilet, could be in one room/separate.

NB:should be where there is water supply, should be near the bedroom for privacy.

 Bath shelters and latrines:

common in rural areas, outside the house to keep away flies.

NB: should be kept clean, should be away from the water source, latrine pits should be covered to keep off flies and bad smells.

Get free Grade 5 Revision Exams In All Subjects

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