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Assessment 3 

Fill in the blank spaces in the following –

1. Complete the following hadiths.

  • A strong believer is better and dearer 
  • Brushing of teeth is a means of  (c) I have been sent for the purpose  2. Name 3 characters of the prophet (S.A.W) 
  • Write 2 things that you do before eating. 
  • Write 3 things that you do while you are eating 
  • Write 3 things that you do after eating.
  • Write 5 rules you should follow while playing games. 
  • Draw 3 items used to clean our teeth. 
  • Name 3 oral diseases that affect unclean teeth.
  • The pictures show different types of  games. Write down the Islamic rules each picture. 



Fill in the blank spaces. 

  1. Mention 5 ulul-azm prophets 
  • Prophet was the first prophet of Allah and Prophet was the last prophet of Allah. (S.W.T) 
  • Find the prophets of Allah and Angels from the puzzle to complete the box. 

PROPHETS.              ANGLES

  • Match the following names of Allah and their meaning. 

Name meaning 

  • Al-Rahman All hearing 
  • Ar Rahim Most Gracious 
  • Al-malik The merciful 
  • Al Salaam All seeing 
  • Al Samiyu Source of peace
  • Al Basir King of kings 

5. Which angel is in charge of Wahy? 

A. Jibril B. Mikail C. Izrail D. Israfil 

  • Write two reasons why prophets were sent to human beings. 
  • Which angel is in charge of rain 

A. Mikail B. Izrail C. Israfil D. Jibril 

  • Name 3 characters of the prophets of Allah 
  • Name 2 importance of prophets to human beings.


Fill in the blank spaces 

1. How do we remove: 

  1. Heavy najis 
  2. Medium najis 
  3. Light najis 
  4. Give 3 examples of Najasat mutawasit.
  5. Write down 2 reasons why muslims perform udhu. 
  6. Which one of the following is not a pillar of salah? 
  7. Perform sujud 
  8. Perform rukuu 
  9. Cover one’s body 
  10. Taslim 
  11. Write down 3 Nullifers of Wudhu.
  12. How should a man cover with his dressing while praying? 
  13. What are reasons for performing udhu?
  14. Write 3 types of Najis. 
  15. Which one of the following is not a heavy Najis 
  16. Urine 
  17. Dog 
  18. Puppy 
  19. Piglet. 

10. Name 2 occasions that a Muslim should make wudhu. 


Fill in the blank spaces 

  1. Why do we recite the dua for leaving and entering the house? 
  2. Name four ways we show kindness to animals.
  3. Give 2 ways an Islamic dress for ladies should be. 
  4. Write 3 types of media 
  5. How do you help people who beg? 
  6. According to Islam, who among the following should not be assisted? 
  7. Widowers 
  8. Destitute 
  9. People in debts 
  10. People whose property was destroyed. 
  11. Draw 2 creations of Allah and their importance. 
  12. Write 2 positive usages of media 
  13. Why is begging discouraged in Islam(2)
  14. What should a Muslim avoid when using media?


Fill in the blank spaces

  1. What are the obligations of children to parents?
  • Why is it important to respect and obey other members of the family? 
  • Write down 3 importance of being dutiful towards parents
  • Make a family tree of your parents and other members of your family. 
  • How do you show love and respect to your parents. 
  • Khadija’s grandparents invited Khadija’s family for a wedding. What was the right thing for them to do? 
  • Ignore the invitation 
  • Go for the invitation 
  • Refuse to go 
  • Go to a friend wedding instead 
  • What are the duties of parents to children 
  • What do you thing will happen if you fail to be obligated to your family members 
  • Who are the other members of your family? 


Fill in the blank spaces

  1. The night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem is called 
  2. What is Miraj? 
  3. Who accompanied prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to Isra wal Miraj? 
  4. The prophet (S.A.W) was given the first Wahyi in a cave called 
  5. Which gift was the prophet given by Allah during Isra wal Miraj? 
  6. Write down the prophet’s children
  7. Which qualities led lady Khadijah marry prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) 
  8. How was lady Khadijah a great support to prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) 
  9. What are the teachings of Surah Al Alaq 10. The animal that took prophet Muhammad to Isra — Wal Miraji was called . 

A. Jibril B. Jerusalem C. Burag D. Horse 

11. Which of the following mosque did the prophet pray with all the other prophets 

A. Aqsa B. Haraam C. Atiq D. Nabawi 

  1. Which one of the following surah talks about oneness of Allah? Al_ 
  2. What does the word Nasr mean? 
  3. How many verses are in surah AlKafirun? 
  4. Which of the following surah’s is recited to protect us from witchcrafts? 

(Al – falaq, Al fatina, Al ikhlas, Lahab) 

  • Write 2 surahs of protection ___ and ___ 
  • Surah Al-falaq and Al-Naas are known as ___ surahs. 
  • Write 2 ways we can show love to our prophet. 
  • Isra wal Miraj took place because the prophet 

( Lost his important people, Wanted to meet other prophets, Had not gone there before, Was running from the Quraish) 

  • The attribute of the source of peace is known as_ 

( As-salaam, Al-muhaimi, Al-Aziz, Aljabbar) 

  1. Name the 5 fardh prayers. 
  2. Who is the Angel incharge of rain? 
  3. Before eating, a Muslim pupil should say 
  4. We should ___ sick relatives. (Ignore, Visit, Laugh at, frown) 

Write down 2 occasions that makes us brush our teeth. 


List down 3 rules to follow when performing games. 

Name the following items

Which of the Angel is Is in charge of : 

  • death 
  • rain 
  • Wahy 

Write down the meaning of the following names of Allah. 

  • Al-salaam  
  • Al-Samiu 
  • Al-Basr 

Write down 2 reasons angels were created by Aliah 





1. Which one of the following surah acts as a dua? 

( Al-masad, Al-kafirun, Al fatiha, Alikhlas ) 

Give 2 other importance of Allah’s creations 



  • What is the name of Abu lahab’s wife? 
  • “When there comes the help of Allah and the victory” This verse comes from Surah 
  • Which one of the following statements is true? 

( Surah Al-ikhlas has 7 verses, Al-Nasr means elephants, Allah has children, Al-ikhias has 4 verses) 

Write down five ways children should help their parents 

  1. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to go to cave to meditate. 
  1. Which the first surah to be revealed to  the prophet. (S.A.W) 
  1. What is miraj?_ 

What 2 lessons do we learn from Isra Wal 


17. The five daily prayers were given to the prophet when he went to . 

Write down 3 pillars of swalah 




  • The urine of a baby less than two years of age is a __ najis. 
  • When two pupils fight, we must 

(Cheer them, Beat both of them, Give a present to the winner, Stop them immediately) 

23.The animal which took Nabii Muhammad (S.A.W) during Isra Wal Miraj was known as 

  • The pig is a ___ najis 

( Light, Heavy, Strong, Medium ) 

  • What does the word Iqra mean? 

Write down the following hadith. 

  • On fitness
  • On brushing teeth 
  • On manners of eating. 
  • Allah Is the king of kings, meaning he Is 
  • Omar was stealing a pen In class. Which angel was recording what Omar was doing? 

Write the number of verses in the following surah. 

  1. A-Kafirun 
  2. Al-Nas 
  3. Al – Nasr 
  4. Which surah was the last to be revealed 
  5. Abu Lahab and his wife have been cursed in surah 

( Al-Kifirun, Alfatiha, Almasad, Alfalaq) 

  • ‘I worship not what you worship’ is a verse from surah  Name two attributes of Allah mentioned in surah Al-fatiha. . 
  • Agood muslim prays ___ times a day. 
  • My cousin is sick. | sent her flowers, my mother sent her fruits, my father visited her. Who did the best? 

Give 3 attributes of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) 

Write 3 of your other family members.  

Write 4 ways on how we show obedience and respect to your parents. ; 

Explain the importance of obeying parents. 

Why is begging discouraged in Islam? 

Write down 2 ways you can do to avoid begging in the society. 

29. ___ is an act of Ibaadh 

(Begging, Work, Gambling, Stealing) 

30.Write down one things a muslim should avoid when using media. 

Which 2 Surah do we recite before going to bed  

Write 2 lessons learnt from Surah Al-masad 

4. . Write 2 reasons why we recite Surah Al-fatiha. 


7. Complete the following hadith. “___ for the purpose of perfecting good morals.” 

Write 4 manners of eating according to Islam  

Write down 2 diseases caused by dirty teeth 

13. Write down 2 things you use to brush your leeth 



  1. Begging brings _ 

( Respect, Laziness, Knowledge, blindness ) 

  1. What does Islam teach us relatives. about the 
  2. Know them and visit them 
  3. Do not visit them 
  4. Ignore them 
  5. Abuse them.

18. When our parents grow old, we should __ them 

A. Chase B. Kill C, Look after D. Ignore 

  1. Which angel is in charge of death? 
  2. write 3 examples of heavy najis. Write down 3 benefits of physical exercise in Islam 

Write the meanings of the following attributes of Allah 

  • Al malik 
  • Al Basir 
  • Al Rahim 
  • Al Samiu 

Give 3 favours of Allah (SWT) to mankind. 

  1. Which Surah was the last surah to be revealed 
  • How many verses does surah Al Ikhlaas has? _ 
  • What Is the other name of Al-masad? 
  • “You see people entering Allah’s religion (Islam) in large numbers”. This is a verse from surah

Write the names of the following attributes. 

  • Al Salaam 
  • Al Rahman 
  • Al malik 

Name 3 halal sports muslims participate 

  1. If you are participating in any halal games and you happen to hear the adhan. What is the best thing for you to do? 
  1. Which one of the following is a teaching of the prophet when performing games and sports? 

( Wear tight clothes, Ignore salah, Wear hijab, Mix with men) 

  1. It is recommended to brush our teeth 

times a day. 

Draw two items used for brushing teeth. 



  1. There are ___ prophets Mentioned in the Quran. 
  2. Salah bring us closer to ____ 

18, Heavy najis is removed by washing __ times. 

  1. Which one of the following Is not an angel of Allah? 

( Mikail, israil, Jibril, small ) 

  • What should a Muslim say when thanking Allah? 
  • Who among the following Is a best friend to have? 

(Rich, Praying, Wrong, Helpful) 

  • Angels of Allah were created with 
  • Allah is all hearing, this means he is 

Write 4 ulul-azm prophets. 





Write the meanings of the following 

  • twahara 
  • najasat 
  • Wudhu 

Write the Surah of the following verses 

  1. I worship not what you worship 
  • When there comes the help of Allah and the victory  3. Perish the hands of father of flames, perish he  write two other names of Surah AI – fatiha  

6. Which one of the following Surah has 6 ” verses? 

A. fatiha B. Al kafirun C. Al Nasr D. Al-masad 

  • Which of the following Surah has the ” shortest number of verses? 

( Al Alaq, Al Naas, Al Ikhlas, Al – Nasr) 

  • What benefits does Surah Al-falaq give to Muslims? 
  • Who was sent for the purpose of perfecting good morals? ___ 

Write down 4 manners of eating 

Write down 4 importance of brushing teeth 

18. Why should we say Alhamdhulillah after eating? 

( To please Allah, To thank allah, To curse Allah, To ignore Allah) 

Write down 3 angels of Allah and their duties . 

Name two occasions one can take wudhu  

Write down 4 obligations of children to thelr parents 

28. Who among the following is the other members of the family? 

A. mother B. sister C. father D. uncle 

Write down 2 condition one should follow during salah 




Write down 3 teachings of Surah al-fatiha 


  • Which one of the following Surah is an opening chapter of the Quran? 

( Al – Nas, Al – falaq, AI Nasr, Al-fatiha) 

  • How many verses are in surah Al-Naas?  Write down two surah that are recited before sleeping . 
  • How should we treat parents 
  • The prophet went for Isra wal miraj ona horse like animal called 
  • What does the word iqra mean _____. 
  • Heavy najis is removed by washing ___ times. 
  • The shortest prayer of the day is called 
  • Miraj ts the journey of the prophet from ___ to ___
  • The following are the three types of Najasat. Which one is not? 

(light, medium, heavy, water) 

  1. The attribute to the source of peace is known as 

A. Al malik B. Al-salaam C. Al – jabbar D. Al-aziz 

  1. _ prayer has 3 rakaat? 
  2. The Quraish worshipped gods made of 

A. gold B. silver C. dates D. bronze 

  1. While praying, we must face the 
  2. A good Muslim prays ____times a day 
  3. Which one of the following Is nota condition of swalah? 

( Facing the Qibla, Cleanliness of body and place, Covering private parts, Saying adhasn) 

  • The urine of a baby less than two years of age is ___ najis. 
  • Write 3 Ulul azm prophets, 

Write down the angels In charge of the following 

  • Wahy 
  • Records bad deeds 
  • Blow trumpet 
  • How many prayers was the prophet given at the beginning? 

List two lessons learnt during Isra wal miraj 

List 2 roles played by lady Khadijah (RA) to the life of prophet Muhammad S.A.W. 


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