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Task 1
  1. According to surah AlFiyl, wanted to destroy the Kaabah. 
  2. Which surah teaches Muslims to tay, care of orphans? 
  3. How many verses are in surah: 
  4. Al-Quraish 
  5. AlMaaun 
  6. AlKauthar 
  7. What does the world Maun mean ? 

Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ 

  • A Muslim is allowed to delay Swalah. 
  • Quraish used to call the prophet Abtar. 
  • Treat orphans harshly. 
  • We must not worship Allah alone. 

9.Draw and color the elephant

10.List 2 teachings of Surah Al-Quarash


Task 2

1.Write down 2 challenges that hinder one from going to school?

  • Recite the hadith on knowledge and write it down. 
  • Write 2 ways of improving your performance in school 



  • List 2 things that you will be accounted for during the last day. 



  • Which one of the following is a haram  means of earning for a living? 

A. doctor B. carpenter C. thief stealing D. teacher 

  • Fill in the blanks 

“….-shall | inform you of something which if you do you will love one another? 

  • Write down an Islamic greeting and its response. 
  • Write 2 importances of Islamic greetings? 



9.List 2 ways of being responsible

10.The sayings of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) are called



1. Which is the second pillar of Islam? –  2. How many pillars of Islam do Muslims belief in? 

Write down the meaning of the following attributes of Allah (S.W.T). 

  • AlHayu 
  • AlGhaffaar 

Write the following in Arabic Meaning? 

  • All-Knowing 
  • The everlasting 
  • List down 2 characteristics of Angels 
  • Who is the last prophet of Allah

9.Write down 2 miracles of prophet Musa

10.List 2 qualities of prophets of Allah. (S.W.T)


  1. Write down 2 nullifiers of saum. 
  2. What are the conditions of fasting?
  3. How many pillars of Islam do Muslims believe in? 
  4. Which is the fourth pillar of Islam? 
  5. List two forms of sadaqah. 



  • Write down 2 optional prayers that you know. 



  • Name an optional prayer prayed during the month of Ramadhan only? 
  • What is the name of the Sunnah prayer performed after the fardh prayer? 
  • The optional prayers are also called 

10.Write down 2 importance of giving out saddaqah


  1. Write down a dua recited when one wants to increase his or her knowledge? 
  2. List down 3 effects of gambling? 
  3. Write 2 bad effects of social media. 



  • What are the good effects of social media? 



  • List down 2 types of social media. 



  • What does the world sabr mean? 
  • List 2 cases one needs to have sabr?   8. What time do you recite the dua on  increase in Knowledge?

Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ in the following sentences 

  • Gambling makes one earn reward from Allah. 
  • Have sabr during difficult situations. 


Task 6

1.Write down two Islamic rules of buying and selling 

  • A neighbor who is a Muslim and a relative has how many rights? 
  • Write 3 rights of neighbors. 
  • A gift given to the bride during a marriage ceremony is called. 
  • List down 2 etiquette of an Islamic wedding. 



Write ‘Haram’ or ‘Halal’ the followin sentences. 

  • Take riba when selling goods. 
  • We should be bad to neighbors 
  • Men and women should sit separately during weddings. 
  • Write down 2 haram activities that should be avoided during an Islamic wedding? 



  1. What does the world “nikaa” mean? 


1,What is the migration of the prophet from Makkah to Madinah called? 

2._ was hired to track Prophet Muhammad and Abubakar during Hijra. 

  • The people who migrated to Yathrib from Makkah were called? 
  • What is the other name of Madinah? 
  • Explain what happened when prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) went to Taif?  6. Which year of prophet hood did the second pledge of Aqabah take place? 
  • Which two tribes used to fight with each other in Yathrib?
  • Yathrib is also known as 
  • Write down 2 terms agreed during the second ledge of Aqabah. 
  • What is the name of the people who welcomed the Muslims in madina? 

 How  many verses are in the following surah

  1. Surah Al-Kauthar 
  2. Surah AL-Maaun. 
  3. Surah A|~Fiy| 

4.Surah al-Quraysh 

5.Write 3 lessons from surah Al-Maaun 




Write down the meanin of the following surahs 

  • Fily 
  • Maaun 
  • AI-Kauthar 
  • The Quraysh tribe used to worship 
  1. Who among the following wanted to destroy the Kaabah?
  2. Muhammad 
  3. Jibril 
  4. Abraha 
  5. Lahab 

11. Which of the following Surah encourages Muslims to be kind to orphans. 

  1. Al-Maaun 
  2. Al-Ouraish 
  3. AI-Fatiha 
  4. Al -Kauthar 

Write true or false 

12.Taqwa means fear of allah (S.W.T). 

13. Islamic greetings promote among people. 

14.seeking knowledge in Islam is Haram 

15.  List down 2 ways of improving performance in schools  a. 


16.Complete the following hadith ”seeking knowledge is -_‘_ 

17. Give 2 importance of Islamic greetings.



Write down their occupation?

Match the following attributes of Allah

Attribute of Allah ( S.W.T)Meaning  
23.Al- Ghaffaar  The one
24.Al- HafidhThe judge
25.Al-AalimThe forgiver 
26.Al -HakamThe all knowing 
27.Al- HayuThe ever living
28.Al- waahidThe protector 
  • Write down 2 charecteristics of angels A.


  • List 3 qualities of prophet Muhammad (S.W.A)
  1. Write down 2 miracles of prophet Musa (A.S) 
  2. Which one of the following is “0t a nullifier of wudhu? 
  3. Fainting
  4. Sleeping
  5. Eating
  6. Stool a prayer performed by Muslims at night during the month of Ramadhan only. 

  • Write down 3 forms of sadaqah 




  • Muslims belief in pillars of Islam. 
  • Give 3 conditions of fasting. 




  • Write down 2 virtues learnt from Saum. 

a.  b’ 

8. Write 2 positive effects of sociat media



 9.What are effects of gambling? 



  1. complete the following dua  oh   Allah make What you teach beneficial, teach me What is and
  1. The word ’sabr’ means 
  2. The migration of the prophet Makkah to Madinah is known as 
  1. What 2 things d’d the Oze of the people see at the entrance of the  cave hira?  a. 


  1. The old Madinah was  known as
  1. Write 2 ways the Ansar Muslims settled the muhajirun. 


. b. 

  1. Draw and colour a bird With a small  stone in its mouth 
  1. Write down 2 examples of good behavior.  A.


  1. Allah is one meaning he is

19 write 2 differences between angels and human beings

 this is an act of

21.draw an ark of prophet Nuh (A.S) and colour it

22 .what was the name of prophet Ibrahim’s son?

wnte true or false 

  • Muslims worship idols, 
  • There are 6 pillars of lman. 
  • Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Allah (S.W.T). 
  • We should treat orphans harshly. 
  • Complete the following Hadith : fear Allah whenever you are and follow up a bad dees with a good deed

Write down 3 attributes of Allah

1 .” In- naa aatwatnaakal kauthur ” this is a verse from surah

2.we should say our salah at the right time and never delay it , this is a lesson from surah 

  • The small little things which neighbors normally ask for is called

Write true or false 

  • Showing off is a sin. 
  • A Muslim is allowed to delay salah_ 
  • Prophet Muhammad was given many blessings by Allah (S.W.T)
  • We should be kind to the orphans. 

8‘ Allah will never protect Islam

9. Allah send birds to destroy Abraha’s Army. 

10.Worshipping ido!s is a pillar of |slam

11.What does asmaaullahi husna mean?  12. List down 2 attributes of Allah 



13. Write down the meaning of  the following attributes

  1. Al-Hayu.
  2. AI-Hakam. 

Complete the following hadith

  1. Fear Allah whenever you are and follow up a bad deed 
  2. Seeking knowledge is obligatory 
  1. Muslim greet one another by saying 
  2. Write down a reply to a Mushm salaam. 

Write good behavior or bad behavior. 

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