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Download All Grade 5 Projects: July 2023

(a) Read the Assessment Task provided and guide the learners in interpreting it.
(b) Guide the learners in executing every step of the assessment task.
(c) You may engage parents/guardians, online resources, or resource persons to guide the learners in sourcing and learning the folk dance.
(d) Allow the learners a period of three (3) weeks to prepare the folkd ance for assessment.
(e) Prepare an appropriate venue free of interruption for assessment of the task.
(f) Assess each learner during group performance of the folk dance.
(g) Use the Assessment Rubric provided to rate and score the performance of each learner.
(h) Record each learner’s scores on the Score Sheet provided.
(i) Upload the learners’ scores on the KNEC portal as guided.

Grade 5 Music project ASSESSMENT TASK

Performance of folk dance drawn from a Kenya Community.
The learners are guided by the teacher to:

  1. Form groups of 8 – 12 members.
  2. Identify an appropriate folk dance from a Kenyan Community, considering the following:
    a) age appropriateness
    b) message(s) in the folk dance
    c) time limit (3 – 4 minutes)
  3. Learn and rehearse the folk dance incorporating:
    a) Appropriate singing
    b) Appropriate and coordinated body movements
    c) Varied dance formations
    d) Appropriate costumes, body adornments and ornaments
    e) Suitable instrumental accompaniment.
  4. Perform the selected folk dance:
    a) Including a verbal introduction by one of the group members with the following background details:
    i) the community from which the dance is drawn
    ii) the occasion during which the dance is performed
    iii) the age and gender of performers
    iv) the message conveyed through the dance

b) Considering
i) appropriateness of singing
ii) coordination and authenticity of body movements
iii) variation of dance formations
iv) appropriateness of costumes, body adornments and ornaments
v) suitability of instrumental accompaniment
vi) adherence to time limit (3-4 minute).

c) Observing:
i) etiquette (appropriate dressing, keeping to their roles and morally acceptable body movements)
ii) safety while using props and exploring movements.

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