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Essay About My Mother


My mother is a wonderful woman. Her name is Jane.  She is married to our father Boniface.  She has three children, two girls and myself. She is liked by every person. She has a good heart towards every person she meets. She is a teacher in Kirini High School.

I love my mother so much. She has taken care of me from the time I was young. She taught us how to walk, speak and take care of ourself. There are many things I learnt from my mother.

 My mother loves her family so much. She gives everything to us sometimes leaving herself without. When we are not able to do something, my mother does it for us. Sometimes I see like she knows everything.

She is a very good cook. She cooks very delicious food for us. she knows our favorite meal. Very early in the morning my mother wakes up to prepare our breakfast and also prepare us to go to school. She ensures that we are smart always with our school uniform.

During the holiday, my mother teaches us how to do cleaning in the house and how to cook. She is special to us and our father. My father is happy having my mother as a wife. She is a friend to him. My mother is precious to us and the world.

Composition About My Family

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