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Essay About My Family


My family is called the Maina Family. My family is made of 7 members. My father, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, my two young brothers and myself. My father is the head of the family. My grandfather is the pillar of the family. My family live at Kiriaini in Muranga. We all live in the same compound.

My father’s name is Johnson and my mothers name is Jane. My grandfather is Mr. Antony and My grandmother is Sarah. My sisters are Rose and Mary and I am Myles. Rose is in Grade one and Mary is in Grade 2. I am in grade 3 myself.

My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. My grandfather is an area MP and my grandmother is a farmer. They are very hardworking. Through their job they have bought many things for our family. My Father has bought a very big land where we plant crops.

My family favorite food is Ugali and sukumawiki. We get Maize and Sukuma wiki from our big Shamba. My family also like visiting places for Fun.  My grandfather always gives us story that make us happy. My father disciplines us many times when we go wrong.

I love everything about my family. It has given me a safe place. I can talk everything with my parents and they help me with love. We love one another.

My Mother-Grade 3 and 4 Composition

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