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  • Pottery is the art of making containers or articles such as cups, plates, flower vases and pots out of clay.
  • Pinch method is one of the technique of modelling pots and containers.

Modelling – Pinch technique

  • The pinch method involves shaping containers of various sizes and shapes by pressing on the walls using thumb and forefingers.
  • The process can be used to model simple containers such as cups and sugar dishes.
  • Containers made using pinch technique are referred to as pinch pots.
  • Another name for pinch pots is thumb pots

Identifying pinch pots

  • Cups
  • Pots
  • Sugar dishes
  • Plates
  • Flower vases

Materials need to model a pinch pot

  1. Clay
  2. Sticks or incising tool
  3. A container with water
  4. Papers or leaves for placing the clay and modelled articles

How to model a container using the pinch technique Clay preparation

  • Collect clay from the local environment.
  • Remove impurities such as stones, roots 

Preparing clay

Ø After collecting the clay and removing impurities, mix the clay thoroughly by pressing it over and over again until the moisture is evenly distributed.

  • This processing is known as kneading
  • The process is important because it removes air bubbles from the clay, making it uniform and easier to work with.

Modelling a pinch pot

  1. Take a lump of clay and roll it into a ball then hold it on the palm of one hand.
  2. Make a hole in the ball by pushing the thumb of the other hand into the lump of clay
  3. Rotate the clay while pinching against the wall of the container using thumb and fingers to widen the hole and shape the pinch pot. Ensure the wall of the container is of even thickness.
  4. Place your thumbs inside the pinch pot then press it gently on a flat surface to give it a stable base. Shape the lid as well. This can be done using fingers or by pressing it gently on a flat surface.
  5. Use a stick, a scraper or your hand to smoothen the pitch pot. you may wet your hands with water as you smoothen the article. Do not pour water on the container as you smoothen as this may cause it to become soggy and crumble or crack.
  6. Leave the container to dry slowly under a shade. Cover the pinch pot si that it dries slowly.

Modelling pinch pots of varying sizes and shapes Ø Pinch pots are used for different purposes. 

  • That is why they can be modelled in different sizes and shapes depending on their purpose.
  • They can be small, wide or thin

Pinch of different sizes and shapes

Pupil’s activity

Free CBC Grade 4 Exams 2022

Methods of decorating clay items

  • Modelled clay are decorated to make them more attractive.
  • Methods of decorating include
    • Stamping
    • Scratching
    • Incising
  • Stamping involves pressing an object on wet clay articles before they are completely dry.
  • Scratching technique, shallow marks are made on the walls of wet clay using sharp tools such as nails, sharp stick or wire
  • Incising technique is done by cutting out patterns on the walls of the wet clay article.
  • A sharp object such as wire can be used to decorate the articles using incising technique.

Materials need to decorate a pinch pot

  1. Clay for modelling
  2. A textured item such as maize cob, aloe vera leaves or comb
  3. Incising tools such as sticks, wire, thorn or blade
  4. A container with water
  5. Hollow objects such as a hollow stick, straw, biro pen or biro lid 6. Papers or leaves for placing the clay and modelled articles.

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