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What is Health Literacy?

In a school setup, information on learners’ health can be obtained from various sources, including:

Health records: Schools may maintain health records for students that include information such as immunization records, medical history, and any health conditions or allergies.

Parent/guardian communication: Parents or guardians are a valuable source of information about their child’s health. They can provide relevant details on their child’s health status, medication needs, and any specific health concerns.

Health assessments: Schools may conduct health assessments or screenings, such as vision and hearing tests, to identify potential health issues in students.

School nurses or healthcare providers: School nurses or healthcare providers employed by the school can assess students’ health, provide first aid, and maintain health records.

Health education programs: Health education programs within the school curriculum may provide information on general health topics, healthy lifestyle choices, and preventive measures.

External healthcare providers: Schools may collaborate with external healthcare providers, such as local clinics or hospitals, to obtain information on students’ health, provide health services, or seek medical advice.

It’s important to note that accessing and handling students’ health information should adhere to relevant laws and regulations, including privacy and confidentiality requirements, and follow established school policies and procedures.

Importance of Literacy as a Human Right

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