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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub strand,  the learner should be able to:-

  1. ask questions about technology phone using ‘what’, ‘who’ and ‘where’,
  2. use what, who and where to denote person, object, and place, 
  3. appreciate the use of what, who and where to seek information. 

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners role play activities that will elicit use of where, who and what.
  • Learners ask questions using the terms who, what and where in pairs/small groups.

Learners use songs/short poems to practice the use of the questions with who, what and where.

  • Learners  use simple questions  and dialogues.
  • Learners repeat sentence structures containing WH- questions from a story, poem or conversation they have listened to.

Key Inquiry Question(s)

  1. What is the name of your friend?
  2. Where is their home?
  3. Who is your best friend?

How does your father/mother talk to people who are far away?

Core Competences to be developed:    Communication and collaboration as they ask questions in pairs and small groups , Self efficacy, Learning to learn as they ask questions using WH questions.  

Link to PCIs: Life skills (effective communication)

Links to other subjects : Seek information in all subjects

Suggested non-formal activity to support learning:  Learners can visit members of the community and find out information like name, interest and  places they have visited

Suggested Learning Resources: Pictures, photographs and models of  people using mobile phones, audio-visual recordings of dialogues with telephone conversations that have “ Wh” questions.

Link to Values: Respect, Responsibility, Unity

Suggested Community Service Learning activities: Helping others to use gadgets  for communication 

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, portfolio, observation

Suggested Formative Assessment Rubric

Exceeding Expectations

Learner always frames   questions correctly using a variety of  Wh- words to get information.

Meeting Expectations 

Learner frames questions correctly using Wh- words to get information.

Approaching Expectations

Learner sometimes frames questions correctly using some Wh-words  to get information.

Below Expectations

Learner hardly uses Wh- words correctly   to get information.

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