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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub strand,  the learner should be able to:- a) use describing words   to talk about cardinal numbers, shapes and colours,

  • describe  the shapes, sizes of objects in the classroom using adjectives, 
  • appreciate the use of colour, size and number to describe nouns.

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners  group objects according to their  size- big/small, colour- red, orange, yellow and numbers. 
  • Learners describe objects in the classroom using size, colour and numbers.
  • Learners identify things in the environment that have different colours.
  • Learners construct sentences in pairs about  the size, colour and numbers different objects. 
  • Learners count one (1) to ninety nine (99) to describe objects.
  • Learners colour different drawings of objects appropriately. 
  • Learners repeat sentence structures containing describing words from a story, poem or conversation they have listened to.

Key Inquiry Question(s)

  1. What things do you see outside the classroom?
  2. What colour are they?
  3. How many are they?

 Core Competences to be developed:  Communication and collaboration as ;earmers group and describe objects,creativity and  imagination as they colour objects .

Link to PCIs: Life skills (Effective communication); ESD- Environemtal Education

Links to other subjects : Mathematics (counting)

Kiswahili (describing words)

Suggested non-formal activity to support learning:  Describe objects in their homes and share with other members of the family differences in colour  and size, they can describe the days they do not go to school using ordinal numbers (Saturday and Sunday)

Suggested Learning Resources: Realia, charts, pictures/ photographs and models of  objects with different colours and sizes, audio-visual recordings of dialogues with sentence structures on colours, sizes and shapes.

Link to Values: Unity, Responsibility

Suggested Community Service Learning activities: Helping friends and semi-literate members of the community with  counting.

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, portfolio, observation

Suggested Formative Assessment Rubric

Exceeding Expectations

Learner always demonstrates the ability to describe objects accurately using different numbers, sizes and shapes.

Meeting Expectations 

Learner demonstrates the ability to  describe objects accurately using different  numbers,  sizes  and shapes

Approaching Expectations

Learner sometimes demonstrates the ability to  describe objects using a few   numbers,  sizes  and shapes

Below Expectations

Learner demonstrates a lot of inaccuracy in  describing objects using numbers, sizes and shapes.

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