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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:-

  1. write a variety of compound and complex sentence structures correctly,
  2. develop strategies for making and organizing notes,
  3. use writing and other forms of representation to generate and organize ideas,
  4. appreciate the importance of logic in writing.

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners observe as teacher explicitly models use of sentence punctuation. 
  • Learners practice methods of  taking notes and compare with one another, in pairs and groups.
  • Learners practice writing sentences using correct punctuation, individually, in pairs and  groups.
  • Learners use an organizer to arrange sentences to form a paragraph, in pairs and groups.
  • Learners construct sentences and paragraphs using keywords. 
  • Learners practice sequencing sentences to form paragraphs.

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. How do we

construct sentences?

  • Why do we punctuate sentences?

Core-Competence to be developed:

Communication and collaboration:  learners practice writing sentences and  paragraphs in pairs and groups

Link to PCIs: Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with others – effective communication.

Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with oneself – selfefficacy

Links to other learnng areas: all learning areas 

Suggested non-formal activity to support learning: leaners practice writing in and out of class with peers

Suggested resources: writing organizers, books, pencils, sentence strips, flash cards

Link to values: responsibility, respect

Suggested Community Service Learning: learners join a writing club in the community

Suggested  assessment: composition writing, filling  blanks

Suggested Formative Assessment and Rubric

Exceeding expectations

Learner  presents very well organised paragraphs with a variety of sentences.

Meeting expectations

Learner  presents organised paragraphs with a variety of sentences.

Approaching expectations

Learner   presents  fairly organized  paragraphs  with a variety of sentences.

Below expectations

Learner  presents disorganised paragraphs without regard to sentence structure

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