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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:-

  1. use a range of spelling strategies to correct misspelled words, 
  2. apply rules of spelling in writing, 
  • appreciate the importance of accurate spelling in texts.

 Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners do  word study on word patterns (for similarities and differences), in pairs and small groups.
  • Learners practice sorting words according to given patterns.
  • Learners use reinforcement activities to relate patterns to themes i.e.(sing the song  avocado, papaya, banana x2 fruits are life).
  • Learners engage in spelling games e.g. forming words from letter cut outs, scrabble, spelling relay.
  • Learners brainstorm on new words learned and practice spelling them in writing(punctuation, accurate spelling, letter formation, and spacing).
  • Learners identify and correct spelling errors in texts read.

Key Inquiry Questions

1) What can you do to spell words correctly?

 Core-Competence to be developed:

Communication and collaboration:  learners work in groups to play spelling games

Critical thinking and problem solving:  learners participate in word study

Link to PCIs: Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with others – effective communication.

Links to other learning areas: all learning areas

Suggested Non-Formal Activity to support learning through application: learners share and compare new words learnt with peers

Suggested Resources: Flashcards, books, pencils, word boards

Link to values: Respect, responsibility

Suggested Community Service Learning: learners engage older members of the community to conduct word studies of new words and share with other learners in class

Suggested  Assessment: spelling tests (dictation) 

Suggested Formative Assessment and Rubric

Exceeding expectations


  • applies rules of spelling and punctuations with ease in both familiar and unfamiliar context
  • spells familiar and unfamiliar words accurately

Meeting expectations


  • applies rules of spelling and punctuation in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • spells many words accurately

Approaching expectations


  • sometimes applies rules of spelling and punctuation in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • can spell some words accurately

Below expectations


  • rarely applies rules of spelling and punctuation in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • has difficulty spelling words correctly

This is paragraph 2 for posts without the target word.

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