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Specific Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:-

  1. develop strategies for writing creative texts,
  2. experiment with language choice in imaginative writing,
  3. compose simple texts in written and digital formats,
  4. engage in writing activity for a sustained period,
  5. demonstrate a sense of ownership in the written work,
  6. use connecting words appropriately and effectively in writing, 
  7. develop an interest in writing for pleasure.

Suggested Learning Experiences 

  • Learners practice creative writing(drafting, revising, editing, proofreading and publishing creative texts), in pairs and groups.
  • Learners create and publish writing using digital tools, in pairs and groups.
  • Learners display their creative works in the classroom, notice boards, the school magazine. Portfolio).
  • Learners  participate in creative writing competitions at school and through various media (newspaper, children magazines).
  • Learners use connecting words to show creativity. 

Key Inquiry Questions

  1. Why is it important to use linking words when writing paragraphs?
  2. How do we

organize ideas to make a story interesting?

 Core-Competence to be developed: 

communication and collaboration: learners work in groups to produce written pieces.

Link to PCIs: Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with others – effective communication.

Life skills: Skills of knowing and living with oneself – self-efficacy

Links to other learning areas: all learning areas

 Suggested non-formal activity to support learning through application: learners write stories and share with peers

Suggested resources: books, pencils, newspaper cuttings

Link to Values: Respect , responsibility

Suggested Community Service Learning: learners listen to stories as a springboard to creative writing.

Suggested assessment: provide a writing topic to learners as a basis to write short stories or texts.  

Suggested Formative Assessment and Rubric

Exceeding expectations

Learner  consistently presents ideas creatively   is comprehensible consistently uses appropriate thematic vocabulary, transition words, correct spelling, and punctuation writes legibly and always uses correct spacing

Meeting expectations

Learner  presents ideas in logical order is comprehensible.

uses learnt thematic vocabulary transition words, correct spelling and punctuation.

writes legibly using correct spacing

Approaching expectations

Learner  presents ideas  but not always in their logical order is not always comprehensible some use of learnt thematic vocabulary, transition words, some spelling and punctuation errors writes fairly legible makes some errors in spacing 

Below expectations

Learner  presents ideas  haphazardly  is not comprehensible  uses limited learnt thematic vocabulary, and transition words  makes major spelling and punctuation errors presents illegible text

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