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Here are some of the CBC key terms translated in Kiswahili:

1. Exceeding Expectations -KUZIDI matarajio.

2. Meeting Expectations – Kufikia matarajio.

3. Approaching Expectations -Kukaribia Matarajio.

4. Below Expectations – Mbali na Matarajio.

5. Key Inquiry Questions -Maswali Dadisi 

6. Specific Learning Outcomes – Matokeo Tarajiwa Maalum

7. Pertinent and Contemporary Issues – Masuala Mtambuko.

8.Reflection -Tadbini.

9. Link To Values – Uhusiano na Maadili.

10. Community Service Learning – Shughuli Za Huduma Za Kijamii Zinazochangia Ujifunzaji.

This is paragraph 2 for posts without the target word.

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