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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 3.6 reading posture

Specific learning outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate appropriate reading posture when reading in and out of class.
  2. Identify correct reading postures in pictures or in class.
  3. Identify incorrect reading postures in pictures or in class.
  4. Enjoy participating in reading posture activities in class.

Suggested learning experiences

  • Learners could be encouraged to practise the correct reading posture after observing a demonstration on sitting properly when picture reading.
  • Learners could be guided to sing songs and recite poems and rhymes related to appropriate reading posture.
  • Learners could be exposed to models of correct reading posture.
  • Learners could record themselves as they practise correct reading posture and receive positive feedback.

Key inquiry questions

  1. What is appropriate reading posture?
  2. What is inappropriate reading posture?

Core-competence developed: Learning to learn, Digital literacy, Communication and collaboration

 Link to PCI: Health education: Correct body posture  Life skills Education: Self-awareness, Self esteem

Link to Values: Responsibility, Unity, Respect

  Link to other activity areas: Psychomotor and Creative   Activities.

 Suggested community service learning activities:

Organise for learners to visit a place of worship in a neighbouring religious institution to recite poems, rhymes on correct reading posture.

Non- Formal Activity to support learning through application

During a reading session in class. Learners take turns to identify children who are sitting in the correct reading posture. Afterwards they sing for them a reading posture rhyme or song

Suggested Assessment

Oral questions, observation, portfolio

Teaching /Learning resources: Video clips, picture books, audio clips (for songs, poems, and rhymes), library, chair and table, ICT devices

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds Expectation 

Consistently sits in appropriate reading posture.

Meets expectation

Sits and sustains appropriate reading posture.

Approaches expectation

Sits in appropriate reading posture sometimes.

Below expectation

With guidance, sits appropriately but does not sustain reading posture. 

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 3.6 reading posture

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