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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 3.6- Letter Recognition

Specific learning outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to: 

a)            Recognize letters of the alphabet in upper case in and out of class.

b)            Recognize letters of the alphabet in lower case in and out of class.

c)            Match upper case letters with corresponding lower case letters in class.

d)            Enjoy participating in letter recognition activities in and out of class.

Suggested learning experiences

•             Learners could be guided to identify letters on print in the immediate environment 

•             Learners could be asked to match upper and lower case letters incorporated in children’s play to enhance letter recognition.   

•             Learners could fix letter jigsaws.

•             Learners could be guided to recognize letters on walls, charts, cards and labels to enhance letter recognition. 

•             Learners could sing songs or recite poems and rhymes related to letter recognition while displaying letters.

•             Individually or in small groups, learners could be engaged in letter recognition games e,g letter fishing games, letter sorting trays, letter basket balls, letter hunting games among others.

•             Learners could compete in letter recognition games and encouraged to show fairness in winning and acceptance in loosing.

Key inquiry question

1. Which play experiences enhance letter recognition?

Core-competence: Learning to learn, digital literacy

Link to PCI: Citizenship: Social integration 

Life skills:  Effective communication, Self esteem

Values Unity, Peace

Links to other activity areas:

 Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Suggested Community Service Learning

With the help of parents, learners collect print materials that need to be disposed and take them to school for letter recognition activities. 

Suggested Non- Formal Activity to support learning through application

Organize an inter-group language contest in class, incorporating letter recognition activities.

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, observations, portfolio

Teaching/Learning Resources: Letter stickers, letter jig-saw, charts, flash cards, talking walls, recorded (poems and rhymes), letter recognition games, letter hunting games, letter sorting trays, ICT devices

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds Expectation 

Consistently recognizes letters in upper and lower case and matches all letters correctly.

Meets expectation

Recognizes letters in upper and lower case and can match most of the letters correctly.

Approaches expectation

Recognizes letters in lower and upper case and can match some of them correctly.

Below expectation

With guidance, recognizes and matches some letters.

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 3.6- Letter Recognition

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