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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- Sub Strand 4.7 Writing Practice

Specific Learning Outcomes

By the end of the substrand, the learner should be able to: 

  1. Write letters of the alphabet correctly in class.
  2. Take pleasure in using basic tools for writing in class.
  3. Enjoy participating in writing practice activities in class.

 Suggested Learning Experiences

  • Learners could be encouraged to join dots to make letters of the alphabet 
  • Learners could be encouraged to trace and copy letters of the alphabet.
  • Learners could practise writing letters of the alphabet using ICT letter writing games 
  • Learners could be guided to write letters of the alphabet in sand trays, slate boards and writing books.
  • Learners could be involved in making patterns using letters of the alphabet.
  • In pairs and in small groups, learners could make patterns using letters of the alphabet.

 Key  Inquiry Questions

  1. What

activities are required for writing practice?

  • What

resources would you use for writing practice?

Core Competences:   •   Learning to learn, Digital literacy.

Link to PCI: Citizenship: Social integrationLife-skills: Creative thinking

Link to Values: Unity, respect.

Links to other Activity Areas:  

Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Suggested community service learning

Organise for learners to write letters of the alphabet on worksheets and display for parents to view and appreciate during the school open day.

Suggested Non-formal activity to support learning through application Invite an ICT person to guide learners on letter writing practise using ICT devices.

Suggested assessment: oral questions, observation, portfolio

Teaching/ Learning Resources: Letter cut outs, pattern outlines, radio programmes, digital letter writing games, slate boards, worksheets, pencils, crayons, books, ICT devices

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds Expectations

Consistently writes letter patterns and letters of the alphabet correctly.

Meets Expectation

Writes letter patterns and most letters of the alphabet of correctly.

Approaches Expectation

Writes letter patterns and  some letters of the .alphabet correctly.

Below Expectation

With guidance writes letter patterns but writes few letters correctly.

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- Sub Strand 4.7 Writing Practice

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