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CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 4.6 letter formation

Specific Learning Outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate ability to form letters correctly in and out of class.
  2. Experience pleasure participating in letter formation activities in and out of class.

 Suggested Learning Experiences

  • Learners could sing rhymes related to letter formation.
  • Learners could observe the teacher demonstrate letter formation in the air, on sand trays, slate boards and imitate.
  • Learners should sing rhymes related to letter formation as they form letters in the air, on the sand and slate boards.
  • Learners could be guided to model, colour and paint letters of the alphabet while singing related rhymes. 
  • In pairs or small groups, learners could trace, shade letter outlines or join dots to form letters.
  • Learners could use ICT devices play letter formation games.

•     Learners could be guided to record themselves as they practise how to hold the pen and form letters and view the clips as they receive positive feedback. 

Key Questions

  1. How do you shape letters of the alphabet?
  2. What activities are required to develop letter formation skills?

Core Competence:  Learning to learn, Communication and collaboration, creativity and imagination

Link to PCI: Citizenship: Social integration

Life Skills Education: Self-esteem, Creative thinking Link to Value: Unity.

 Links to other Activity Areas:  

Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Link to Value: Unity.

Suggested community service learning

Involve the parents to help their children in collecting materials for making print patterns and letter formation activities.

Suggested Non-formal activity to support learning through application  Organise for an outdoor activity session where learners take part in letter formation activities such as arranging flash cards, arranging themselves to form letter outlines or shapes.

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, observation, portfolio, written assignment

Teaching/Learning Resources: Realia, slates, boards, plasticine /clay, colours, paints, colouring books, ICT devices, letter cut outs, tracing paper.

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds Expectations

Consistently sustains proper writing-tool grip and forms all letters legibly

Meets Expectation

Has mastered proper writing tool grip and forms most letters of the alphabet legibly.

Approaches Expectation

Has developed proper writing –tool grip and forms some letters of the alphabet correctly.

Below Expectation

With guidance, holds writing tool with proper grip but forms letters of the alphabet with difficulty. 

CBC PP1 Curriculum Design- sub strand 4.6 letter formation

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