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Specific learning Outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to:

  1. Recall a variety of sounds in the environment.
  2. Recall letter sounds in class.

Take pleasure in listening to sounds in the environment

  • Learners could be exposed to a variety of sounds in the environment and be encouraged to recall the sounds they heard.
  • Learners could listen to letter sound, audio clips and articulate the letter sounds. 
  • In pairs and small groups, learners could be engaged in language games e.g. letter sounds, letter names and fishing games.
  • Learners could participate in conversations by exploring their prior experience.
  • Learners could be guided to say what they heard at home or on the way to school. 

Inquiry Questions

  1. What are the common sounds in the environment?
  2. What are the best ways of exposing learners to sounds?
  3. How can opportunities be presented for children to listen to these sounds? 

Core-competence developed: Communication and collaboration, learning to learn, digital literacy.

Link to PCI: Citizen: Social integration

Life skills: Effective communication, critical thinking.

Link to Values: Unity, responsibility

Links to other Activity Areas

Environmental and Social Activities.

Suggested Community Service Learning

Arrange for children to present a singing game incorporating auditory memory in a community function.

Suggested Non- Formal Activity to support learning through application: Learners visit an animal orphanage where the teacher encourages them to listen to sounds made by different animals. They are then guided to recall the sounds made by various animals.

Suggested assessment: oral questions, observations, portfolio

Teaching/Learning Resources: Electronic devices, flash cards, audio clips, realia

Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation 

Recalls all sounds in the environment,  letters of the alphabet and letter sounds.

Meets Expectation

Recalls most sounds in the environment, letters of the alphabet and letter sounds.

Approaching expectation

Recalls some sounds in the environment, letters of the alphabet and letter sounds.

Below Expectation

With guidance, can recall a few sounds in the environment but is not able to recall letters of the alphabet and letter sounds. 

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