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Specific learning outcomes

By the end of the sub-strand, the learner should be able to: a) Convey verbal messages effectively to the teacher and to other learners.

  • Use relevant vocabulary to pass verbal information to the teacher and other learners.
  • Enjoy passing verbal messages to the teacher and other learners.

Suggested learning experiences

  • Learners could be encouraged to talk to each other or to the teacher about themselves.
  • Learners could deliver verbal messages to other learners or to teachers in the school and be appreciated when they convey the messages effectively.
  • In pairs or small groups, learners could tell and retell news and short stories.
  • Learners could engage in dialogue with each other and among themselves.
  • Learners should be involved in passing verbal information whenever opportunities arise.
  • Learners could engage short discussions and be encouraged to answer questions.
  • Learners could talk about what they are doing during activities and be guided to ask and respond to questions
  • Learners could view a video clip and then talk about it in pairs or in small groups.  
  • Learners could be encouraged to talk about what they saw in a field trip or nature walk.

Key inquiry questions

  1. What do learners talk about in class or in school? 
  2. What do learners like to tell the teacher about?
  3. What opportunities arise for learners to talk to each other? 
  4. What do learners enjoy talking about?
  5. What do learners like to talk to each other about?

 Core competence developed: Digital literacy, communication and collaboration.

Link to PCI: Citizenship: Social integration

Life skills: Effective communication, self-awareness, self-esteem

 Link to Values: Unity.

Link to other activity areas: 

Environmental and Social Activities

Suggested community service learning

Take the learners for a visit to a neighboring school. After the visit, engage the learners in talking about who they met, what they saw, and what they heard.

Suggested Non-formal activity to support learning through application Learners practise passing information through singing games during interclass competition.

Suggested assessment: Oral questions, observations, portfolio

Teaching/Learning : Video clips, realia, posters, cards, phones(real or locally made), pictures, charts

 Suggested Assessment Rubrics

Exceeds expectation

Consistently passes information accurately and effectively.

Meets expectation

Passes information accurately and effectively most of the time.

Approaching expectation

Passes information accurately and effectively sometimes.

Below expectation

With guidance, passes information but not accurately or effectively.

This is paragraph 2 for posts without the target word.

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