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Friendship Formation.

This is the process of making and maintaining friends.

Friendship is an integral part of human life because human beings are social beings. There is a need for people to be very careful on how they choose their friends.

Peer Influence.

Peer influence is the effect your friends or age mates have on your behavior.

We should be keen when choosing friends since they influence our behavior.

 Bad friends and groups can ruin our lives.

Peer influence is the strong pressure to an individual to adopt the attitude, values, behavior and thoughts of his or her peer group.

Qualities of a good friend.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11 and Galatians 6:2.

  • Friends should help one another.
  • A good friend should encourage his or her friends.
  • Friends should help carry one another’s burdens.
  • He should be caring.
  • He should be loving.
  • A good friend should be truthful.
  • He or she should be kind.
  • He or she should be compassionate.
  • Should be one who is humble.
  • A good friend should be respectful and responsible.

Values useful in maintaining good friends.

The useful values in maintaining good friends are;

Honesty, trust, caring, obedience, respectful, selflessness, kindness, truthful, loving, peace, thankfulness, humility.

Causes of poor choice of friends at home and school.

Low self-esteem.

The desire to prove oneself to others.

 Lack of proper role models to emulate.

Failure to obey the school rules.

Failure to obey God’s commandments.

Good friendship;

  1. Teaches us how and when to forgive.
  2. Help us deal with stress.
  3. Help us during our difficult times.

Human Sexuality.

Adolescence is a developmental stage in life. The developments are both p  physical and emotional.

Adolescence is the period during which children grow from childhood to adulthood.

Changes associated with Adolescence in boys and girls.

Physical changes in boys;

  • Shoulders widen. ● Chest broaden.
  • The voice breaks.
  • Growth of pubic hair.
  • Oily face.
  • They sweat a lot.

Physical changes in girls;

  • Body increases in size and shape.
  • Breasts grow.
  • Waist and hips become more obvious.
  • Menstrual flow starts.
  • Growth of pubic hair.
  • Face tends to be oily. ● They sweat a lot.

Emotional Changes during adolescence are changes of the feelings other people or situations. These changes include mood swings, stress, irritations or getting easily upset.

How to cope with body changes during Adolescence.

In case one experiences these changes, he or she should report to the parent or guardian, teacher or a trusted adult for moral support and advice.

Adolescents need to accept these changes, as it is part of growth.

It is how God created every human being.

It is important to get the right information about adolescence in order to  understand and handle the stage the right way.

Healthy and unhealthy boy girl relationship.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-19.

 A healthy boy girl relationship is one that has mutual respect, trust, honesty, understanding, role models, and good communication. Activities that show a healthy boy girl relationship include playing together, studying together, cleaning together, respecting each other.

 An unhealthy boy girl relationship has bad behaviours and mentality, lacks self control, negative influence, dishonesty and disrespect.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should take care of it since it was given to us by God to use to glorify Him.

We should not commit sexual sin.

Effects of unhealthy boy girl relationship.

  1. It can lead to early pregnancies.
  2. It can also lead to school dropouts.
  3. Unhealthy boy girl relationship can make us feel bad and unhappy about ourselves.
  4. It can also hurt our bodies.
  5. It lowers our dignity and self-esteem.  

Overcoming unhealthy boy girl relationship.

In order to achieve this, we should;

  1. Get good friends who respect you.
  2. Keep yourself busy in constructive activities.
  3. Read the bible.
  4. Focus on the qualities you would want to have in a friend.
  5. Be assertive.
  6. Meet with the opposite sex in open place.
  7. Ask your guardian or trusted adults for advice.

God the Source of Life.

Human life is given by God.

No one has the right to take it away.

Life is holy and sacred.

It is God alone who has the right of taking life away.

Christian teachings on God as the only source of life.

Read Genesis 1:27, Genesis 9:6, Psalms 49:7-8.

  • Life is a gift from God.
  • God created human beings according to Genesis 1:27.
  • Psalms 49:7-8 teaches us that payment for human life is too great and can never be paid enough.
  • We should protect life.
  • Human life is made in the likeness of God.
  • We should say NO to substance abuse and sex.
  • We should inform our parents if we are sick. ● We should avoid playing dangerous games.

Causes of violation of Human Life.

The right to life is the belief that a being has the right to live and should not be killed by anybody. God created human beings so that they would live.

The causes of violations include;

  • Anger.
  • Bitterness.
  • Selfishness.
  • Poverty.
  • Depression.
  • Alcohol and substance use.
  • Not seeking medical help when sick.
  • Inability to tolerate other people’s religion.
  • Being biased against gender and ethnicity.

We should raise awareness about avoiding the violation of right of life through social media or posters.

How to cope with emotions and stress.

Emotions are strong feelings we have.

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain.

Stress can cause different emotions. For example fear, anger, sadness or frustration.

Ways of coping with negative emotions.

Discuss with a friend or guardian.

Praying to God.

Reading the bible.

Sing a song that makes you feel happy or joyful.

Grade 5 Free Lesson Notes


It is our duty to maintain good health.

A drug is anything that if taken, alters the normal functioning of the body.

Alcohol and Substance Use.

  • It is the use of alcohol and other harmful substances for enjoyment.
  • Harmful substances include miraa, glue, tobacco, bhang e.t.c Reasons why young people engage in alcohol and substance use.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Bad company.
  • Curiosity.
  • Idleness.
  • Technology.
  • Depression.
  • Stress.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Bad role models.
  • They feel misunderstood.
  • Failure to find a trusted confidant for their frustration.

Effects of alcohol and substance use to the body and relationships.

Read Proverbs 20:1, 31:6 and Ephesians 5:18.

  • The bible teaches us not to drink because drinking makes us loud and foolish.
  • They only ruin us.
  • They make us suffer.
  • Breathing problems especially as a result of smoking.
  • Liver and kidney problems resulting from alcohol use.
  • Negligence.
  • It can lead to physical abuse.
  • Financial troubles.
  • Heart related problems.
  • High blood pressure.
  • May lead to stroke.
  • Can lead to unhealthy relationships among family members.
  • Affect one’s success in school.
  • Can lead to physical injuries.

Ways of avoiding engaging in alcohol and substance use.

  1. Say NO politely to friends who use.
  2. Take a walk for relaxation.
  3. Play a sport.
  4. Avoid bad company.
  5. Keep busy through studies.
  6. Engage in daily chores and productive routine.
  7. Pray for strength to evade temptations.

Appropriate Use of Social Media.

Social media is used to keep in touch with friends.

 It is also used to educate and keep us informed.

Meaning of social media for Awareness.

● Social media are forms of electronic communication through which users create  online communities, share information, ideas and personal messages.

Uses of social media  include;

  1. Search for information.
  2. For learning and studies.
  3. To communicate with family and friends.
  4. For entertainment.

Social media commonly used today  include;

i.   Facebook. ii.    Twitter. iii.   Youtube. iv.   whatsApp.

v.   WeChat. vi.   Instagram.

vii.   Viber. viii.         Telegram.

Effects of appropriate and inappropriate use of social media.

  • Appropriate use of social media enables one to get information he or she needs.
  • It also enables one to save time.
  • Inappropriate use of social media may lead to negative influence.
  • It also causes time wastage.
  • Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to harass a person by sending them negative or threatening messages.

Advantages of social media.

  1. It is used for communication with family and friends.
  2. It is used for getting information.
  3. Used for getting knowledge and learning.
  4. It can also be used for entertainment.

Disadvantages of social media.

  1. It reduces face to face communication.
  2. It may lead to negative influence.
  3. It causes anti social behaviors.
  4. It may reduce family closeness.
  5. Some of its contents are inappropriate for children.

Safety measures to observe when using social media.

  1. For security and safety, we should not share our personal information on social  media.
  2. Avoid spending a lot of time on social media.
  3. We should not trust all the information displayed on social media as some information may be misleading.
  4. Report any form of cyber bullying to the authority.
  5. Avoid sharing your passwords.
  6. Avoid accepting friend requests from people you do not know.
  7. Observe politeness even on social media.
  8. Secure your social media accounts and information using passwords and security  pins.

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